11 flirting techniques to impress a woman

You spotted a woman you like ? And you would like theimpress ? So that she wants to go out with you? In technical mode flirt ? Anyway, here’s how to impress a woman via 11 techniques.

11 flirting techniques to impress a woman

Here are the best techniques toimpress and flirt with a woman.

  1. Show that you are a confident man

Personality is an important selection criterion for women. They are easily let go impress with a well-posed man, serene and sure of himself. Certainly, it will be necessary to choose the right topic of conversation. For example, talking about your purpose in life or a challenge you are facing. Show that you are certain to reach your goal and overcome the challenges.

We recognize a man confident by his way of speaking: he chooses his words correctly, he speaks slowly and articulates well.

  1. Project yourself into the future

Women appreciate men who have goals in life and who like to predict the future. Do not hesitate to talk to him about what you plan for the future: children, trips to the end of the world or your project. professional. The goal is to make her dream without exaggerating. It’s more or less risky because she might think she’s dealing with a smooth talker.

It is nevertheless a technique that works. She could imagine the future with you.

  1. Play the mystery card

With women, you should never say everything on the first try. The best technique is to play the mystery man. Just tell her what she should know to be interested in you and let it marinate afterwards. Nor should you try to prove to him that you are a great and exceptional man.

Instead of concentrating the conversation on you, make her talk. The goal is to encourage him to confide more.

  1. Don’t always be too available

It’s important that she knows that you’re interested in her, but don’t do everything she wants. You can invite him for a diner in a restaurant to seduce her if she wants to. However, you should not be available all the time because she may play with your sentiment or take you as a good friend instead of a boyfriend. Which might disappoint you.

  1. Speed ​​things up

Women are unpredictable. If you wait too long after the first contact, a lot may have already changed. To be able toimpress and make her understand that you care about her, suggest a new date romantic as quickly as possible. She should know that you want to be more than a friend to her.

Of course there is no need to be too insistent or rush it. She should make her decision in all serenity without no pressure from you.

  1. Dare physical contact

The goal is to send a clear message about your sentiments for her. Do not hesitate to go beyond the physical barrier. By crossing the line, you are showing her that you want to go further with her. For example, you can take her hand, hug her or caress her. The goal is to be closer to her.

This technique requires however be careful because the woman could consider your gesture as a lack of respect. It’s up to you to judge whether the context allows you to adopt this technique.

  1. Don’t forget the little gifts

When it comes to flirting, gifts remain an infallible technique. This intention is always appreciated by women. However, to impress them, it is not always necessary to move mountains or do extraordinary things. Simple gifts like a bouquet of flowers or a few treats will do just fine.

The most important thing in this kind of situation is to proof of gallantry towards the woman and show your attention from his view.

  1. Be funny and joking

The biggest seducers know well how amuse the women. To impress them, nothing like jokes and a good dose of humor. No woman can resist this kind of man. Indeed, they appreciate men who know how to do them ravetheir give a laugh and especially those with whom they don’t have time to get bored.

If you are that kind of man, be sure that all women will fall under your charm.

  1. Reassurance and compassion are equally effective

A real flirty always knows how to take advantage of each situation or context that arises. In case of sadness, do not hesitate to offer him your hugs and tendernessyears doing too much. She will be impressed by your gesture.

Avoid them banal expressions like « I’m really sorry for you » or « I hope you get over this ».

  • 10 Show that you are a sportsman

If you are a jock, show your skills to the woman you are targeting. That is to say, try to run fast in front of her, hit sprints, swim fast or even do push-ups. The goal is to show him that you are in full force physiqueand that you are stronger than the other boys.

You can also kindly try the fight (but respectful and consenting), in order to show that you are a mal dominant.

  • 11. Show that you are not afraid of anything

Women like men who are not afraid of anything. That is to say, you can make attractions who are scary, or riding your bike fast (staying safe…) or even confronting boys bigger or stronger than you.

In short, show that you have some in your pants. It will impress the fairer sex, and it will be beneficial to reach the seduce.

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