11 messages after a first date

11 messages after a first date

11 examples of messages to send after a first date

You have just made your first date with a suitor, basically a date, and you do not know what message to send (via a dating site or by SMS), we have made the list for you of some “pearl” messages to send after a date, in order to maximize your success rate.

Example of a message to send after dinner

Excellent our dinner. Very good choice… the dishes were delicious, and the wines with were particularly well matched, right?

Message to push to another party

I have the feeling of having spent a particularly good evening in your company, and to be certain, I would like to start again… for more certainty. Are you in?

The text “vote to see each other again”

If you want us to spend an evening together, vote 1 by SMS (number not surcharged), and if not, vote 2, if you want us to change activity next time.

The tender heart SMS (to be sent only if you are sure of the feelings of the lady).

There you go, you won. Charming me all evening, you have just touched my heart, and now I want to see you again.

The “to do list” message

I have to paint the wall of my apartment, make pancakes, redo my passport, invite you to dinner, and go visit my aunt. In what order would you do it?

The “lost evening” message

To make up for my late arrival, and the choice of the bar – not cool the waiter, I suggest you organize a “flawless masterclass” evening at my house. Available tomorrow night?

The text “evening to redo »

I feel like we haven’t had time to get to know each other completely, I still have a lot of questions to ask you. So, when are we seeing each other again?

I’m still thirsty for a good Mojito. Are we going back next Wednesday at 6 p.m.?

The message “I pay”

So, since you invited me last time, I owe you one. The next round is on me. Available Wednesday evening 9 p.m. to take advantage of it?

The SMS “to continue our outing”

To follow up on our exhibition on the kings of France, it would be nice to go have a drink with the invalids, just to see where they were beheaded. Available tomorrow night 6 p.m.?

The text “we will learn together”

So, since it wasn’t super good, what I cooked for you at my house the last time, it tells you to go and take a cooking class together. I’m the one inviting. Available Saturday 10 a.m.?

Some advice on the content of the message to send after a date

In general, we advise you to follow the some tips below on the content of the message you are going to send after a date:

  • First, your message must end with a question
  • The goal is to encourage your interlocutor to start a conversation.
  • Avoid using smileys… You can do it when you are in a relationship.
  • Avoid cocky or mushy messages
  • Of the type: « I can’t wait to see you again » / « I found you very beautiful »
  • OR too boating, of the type: “I had a very good time. « .
  • As long as you are not in a relationship, you have to know how to keep distance

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