11 questions to ask to flirt with a man / woman

11 questions to ask to flirt with a man / woman

Top 11 questions to ask to flirt with a man / a woman

here are great ideas for smart and funny questions to ask, in order to get to know a person, and flirt with them:

  1. « What would you do if you won the lottery? » »

This is the kind of trick question. The goal is above all to know the personality of the man. Does he have any ambitions or plans for the future? The answer also lets you know if he is considering a medium to long-term relationship or if he is just looking for a passing adventure. In addition, this will allow you to assess the relation to the person’s money.

  1. “How would you describe yourself in 3 words? »

The goal is to show the woman that you are interested in her. With this kind of question, you make it clear to her that you want to know her more. It’s a very open question that will push the girl to reveal herself. She will find you more interesting.

  1. « Do you believe in love? » »

It’s not the answer that counts. We simply want the man or woman to talk about their love life. Did he or she experience a disappointment? It’s a great conversation starter, because you can strike a chord. You will have to improvise depending on the answer to this question.

  1. “Did you imagine what your life would be like in 2 years? »

When it comes to seduction, you have to know how to ask the right question. Remember that it’s the first impression that counts. Usually it’s a question a woman asks a man she’s interested in. She would like to know if you are worth it or not. Do you have a goal in life?

  1.  » What is your biggest dream ? »

To be able to impress your interlocutor, you should be original and try as much as possible to personalize the questions. Not everyone would ask a girl for her biggest dream or her biggest fantasies. You will stand out from the lot of boring and uninteresting men.

  1. “What is your most amazing travel memory? »

When flirting with a girl, questions whose answers are limited to yes or no should be avoided. You will be immediately grilled. Always ask questions that will spark conversation or dialogue. With this kind of question, she would be forced to tell anecdotes. Thereafter, you can follow up with other subjects.

  1. “What do you most attract to a suitor? »

Women usually ask this kind of question to a man they are interested in. They would know immediately if the man is worth it or not. The clever ones will talk about the quality of a woman, instead of their beauties. Women expect that kind of response. Indeed, they want to know if it is the person as such that interests you or rather the physical.

  1. « What do you like most about me? » »

Normally, it is the man who asks this kind of question. And it’s not on the first date, but after a few successful dates. However, a woman can also ask a man if he wants to go out with her. It’s a trap in the face. We will have to respond intelligently so as not to pass for an ass. Play with subtlety and mystery. She will fall under your spell.

  1. “What do you think are the most important qualities in couple ? »

The greatest seducers will not be fooled with this kind of question. If you are a beginner in the field of seduction, you will have to dig a little to find the right answer. By asking this question, the woman simply wants to know if you know the expectations of women and if you are able to meet them.

  • 10. « Can you tell me about the happiest time of your life? » »

By asking this question, you make it clear to the person that you are interested in them, that you want to know them deeply and that you plan to go further with them. She would feel important to you. This will put her in confidence and she will be able to confide more. If you know how to do it, everything will be in your pocket.

  • 11. « Is there one thing you’ve never been good at? » »

Women often ask such a question to a man who interests her. Note that in a relationship, it is also very important to know the faults of the other. It’s not the answer that counts, but the sincerity you show in answering the question. There will be no wrong answer. We must never forget that women appreciate men who know how to recognize their flaws.

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