11 reasons not to pay for a drink on a first date

11 reasons not to pay for a drink on a first date

Here are the best reasons not to pay for a drink (or a restaurant) on a first date with a woman.

  1. It won’t influence his opinion of you.

On a first date, men often make the mistake of buying the woman a drink. Maybe out of kindness or just to impress her. However, this gesture will not help you to conquer it. She could misinterpret your attitude. This will further complicate your approach. If you want to seduce a beautiful woman, highlight your personality. She’ll buy you a drink instead.

  1. You are wasting your money

It is simply a matter of common sense. If you’re going to buy a drink for all your conquests, you risk wasting a lot of money. Note that the success rate of a good flirt with women is 50%. If you are still an apprentice, your chance of closing will be practically nil. Which means a dead loss for you.

  1. You will no longer be able to finance your other activities

Apart from the women, you also have other activities to finance, in particular going out to clubs, the various expenses you should face on a daily basis, not to mention the unforeseen. If moreover, you finance the drink of each woman that you are trying to seduce, you will be ruined for sure.

  1. To distinguish profiteers (michto), good girls

A lot of men have already been taken in by scratchers. If you come across women who demand a drink in your company, you will have to take your precaution. Indeed, you risk being ruined to the last penny without having anything in return. You can then distinguish those who seek to take advantage of you and those who deserve your attention. Do not enter into their emotional blackmail.

  1. Stand out from other uninteresting men

In order to impress a girl, you have to stand out. Women appreciate men who have personality and confidence. This is also part of the seduction technique. She will recognize that you have principles in life. Remember that some women may ask you for a drink so they can test your personality. Do not fall into the trap. Be an alpha male.

  • 6. It’s a sign of low self-confidence

During the first meeting, the women come with heavy artillery. The goal is above all to expose yourself and know your state of mind. Often, she openly asks you to buy her a drink. Others do it in subtle ways. The goal is simply to filter out interesting men. Up to you.

  1. You will be considered a macho

Machos are usually found in the TOP 5 of the women’s blacklist. They consider paying for a drink on the first date as an affront or a belittling of the woman. It’s like you’re bribing her to go out with her. Even if it is not your attention, all will be lost in advance.

  1. It’s kindness in disguise

When a man buys a woman a drink, he thinks he’s being nice. However, the meaning of this word should not be distorted. True kindness demands nothing in return. This is unfailing generosity. By offering her a drink, you hope to get her heart or at least obtain a sexual favor. Which is not at all altruistic.

  1. You will look desperate

When it comes to seduction, you have to have tact. Women won’t be fooled that way. By buying the girl you just approached a drink, you skip a lot of steps. What says, it is lost in advance. She would think that you don’t have enough arguments to convince her. Your gesture will therefore be considered a desperate act (of a shy man).

  • 10. It’s naivety

No girl will refuse your drink. She might even ask you for another one and so on. You certainly believe you have conquered it. However, it is quite the opposite. She is rather slipping away from you. Just answer the following question: is it normal to accept a drink from a stranger? After having had enough, she will slip away. Then she will laugh at you with her girlfriends.

  • 11. The woman will doubt your sincerity

Never skip the first date. It’s just like a job interview. If you do not match the profile you are looking for, you will be eliminated. There is no possible recourse, because you are already toast. Avoid paying for a drink on the first date, because the woman might not appreciate your true worth. All your qualities will be reduced to nothing.

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