11 SMS examples to excite a man from a distance

Examples of SMS to excite a man from a distance

If you wish heat a man, here are examples of SMS (or messages) to use in order to to excite a man from a distance:

11 examples of SMS to excite a man from a distance:

  1. « Are you still at home? » I want you now!! »

Men appreciate naughty text messages. If you really want to turn a man on, don’t beat around the bush. To have the desired effect, be direct without falling into vulgarity. A man cannot resist such an advance. Images will run through his head. Who knows ? He might even jerk off on the spot while thinking about you.

  1. « I’m dying to suck you right now »

Being sucked off by a beautiful luscious woman! What man can resist that? This kind of sms succeeds every time. Only, you should have already given him a handjob otherwise your message will ring false. He would think you were just turning him on. He might laugh after your message instead of fantasizing.

  • 3. « I’m currently touching myself while thinking about you »

The goal is to push him over the edge. He will reminisce about the hot times you had together. This kind of message will not go unnoticed. It is very effective in arousing a man. At the same time, you show him how much you miss his caresses and sex.

  • 4. « Do you know, how many times did I cum last night? » »

It’s the kind of compliment that turns a man on. He will know that he assured the lit and that you can’t forget this intense moment. He will be flattered and will have more desire to give you pleasure. Your last sexual act will loop through his head. His excitement will be heightened just by thinking about what he did to you.

  • 5. “Tonight I will be your sex slave, I will do whatever you want”

Almost all men are sexually obsessed. They like to be provoked in this way. He is surely imagining what you have planned for him. This idea will obsess him until he gets home from work. Make sure you’re up to it, because he’s been getting impatient since receiving the text.

  • 6. « Come home quickly, I’m dying to fuck you all night, I’m already all wet »

In a couple, it is often necessary to vary the sensations to escape from the usual routine. Men like to be surprised from time to time. They are turned on by women who know how to get them off. Take matters into your own hands so he’s addicted to you.

  • 7. « I can’t wait for the time you come home. » I would get on my knees to unbutton your pants, pull down your underpants and give you a hell of a blowjob. »

Depending on your man’s fantasies, you can send him a slightly longer text to describe the erotic scenario that you are going to offer him when he comes home. Do not forget that fellatio is a practice very appreciated by men. His excitement will be increased tenfold thanks to your text.

  • 8. “I want you to put your wandering hands in my pussy and violently tear off my pantyhose. Then you bugger me like a savage. Come quickly !! »

To spice up your couple’s sex life, choose unusual places to get laid. This text is perfect if you are in the same space, but the other is in another room or outside. To better excite the man, it would be necessary to check beforehand if the place has a discreet corner which would facilitate the action.

  • 9. “I’ve never cum like this. I want more. Come back here !! »

You just got laid. The man is out for shopping or for work. With this kind of sms, you show him that he knows how to drive you crazy and that you are too greedy to let him go already. This will excite him to the maximum.

  • 10. « I want you to take me from behind again like this morning. » We’re going to put that back. Don’t be too late, I can’t wait. »

This is the best way to compliment a man after a performance in bed. You will drive him mad with desire again with this text. At the same time, you will give him enough motivation to face the day well.

  • 11. « I left my panties at home, can you bring them back to me? » You can take the opportunity to tear me down. »

Improvisation always works with men. You will turn them on like never before. Your man will take to his heels. Note that the majority of men fantasize about women’s lingerie. Besides, there is nothing more unusual than fucking his wife in his office. He won’t miss the chance.

3 other strategies to excite a man

Furthermore, there is the strategy of anonymity that you can use, under the three shapes explained below, in order to heat up a Man:

  • Alternative 1: send anonymous emails

You can write a burning letter (postal and handwritten letter) to drop off at work or home. The mystery around the letter, and the romantic side of the letter, and its old-fashioned side, should ask him about the sender of the mail. Moreover, it should be terribly exciting, and raise the temperature.

  • Alternative 2: send SMS from a number unknown

Another possibility. You can use a software (as textonym for send sms anonymously for naughty text messages), which lets you text anonymously for naughty texting. The goal being that the gentleman in question asks himself the question, on the identity of the interlocutor who is trying to heat him up, a situation that should make him very exciting. He will try to do everything, in order to reveal your identify.

  • Alternative 3: send photos of you in undress

Last possibility is to send photos of you in little outfits, or suggestive.. Nevertheless, my recommendation is not to post pictures where your face is recognizablebecause you don’t know what can happen to it.. and the goal being to prevent the photos being ultimately shared on social networks.

For further And if that doesn’t work to conquer your target masculine, you can go to Meetic.fr with its offers for womenwhere you will find other quality contenders.

Questions and Answers on seduction by SMS

Should a photo of you be sent with the message?

You are not not obligated. A well-inspired message can be more than enough. In any case, never send photos where your face appears, and where you are not identifiable. This can avoid « pornodisclosure » situations, with photos that would be shared between men.

Do you have to be very explicit in your SMS?

You can. However, it is best to leave suggest your intentions, without expressing them word for word. Thus, you will work theimagination of your interlocutor.

How to excite a man for sure?

It is best to know the fantasies of the targeted man. Indeed, each man has his own fantasies, and there are hundreds of different fantasies. As a result, you can start from his desires, in order to build your own post, without forgetting your own desires.

Is it better to use an unknown number?

It’s a interesting strategy. However, if the man you want to seduce has several « conquests » at the same time, he could very wellto imagine with someone else. Thus, it is necessary to be certain of the fidelity of your partnerbefore going into this direction.

If you have other strategies, you can them to share in the comments below:

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