12 actions to increase desire in a man

Increase desire in a man via 12 actions

If you have a man who shows relatively little desire carnal towards you, here are the best actions to put in place so that he shows interest:

  • 1- A suitable diet

Diet plays an important role in the increase in libido in a man. There are several foods that can help with this.

It is ideal to adopt a diet based on foods rich in important nutrients for the strengthening of the sex glands. Here is a list of foods to include in your menu today to increase sexual appetite in humans: cabbage (all types of cabbage can help); Dark chocolate, oysters, red wine, chilli, meat, watermelon, coffee, bananas, onion.

Because most of these foods contain vitamins E (designated as the sex vitamin par excellence), contain Zinc, prevent impotence, increase the amount of sperm in men, promote good blood circulation, essential for a good erection. They also have aphrodisiac virtues give sex tone by promoting blood flow, help the production of testosterone and increase sexual desire andexcitation in men, are good for virility and improve circulation sanguine.

The more your circulation blood will be good, the more your erection will be satisfactory.

  • 2- Have a positive and loving attitude

Sit down to keep the same attitude positive that you displayed in front of your partner at the start of your relationship. You were all horny, friendly, you paid attention to your appearance, you found all his jokes funny… etc. it will be easier for your spouse to tell you find more attractive if you put on a happy face with a big smile.

Start paying attention to small details again about your appearance que you have neglected over time. Make you sexy and desirable. Your spouse on will notice certainly and it could rekindle the flame of the sexual desire in him if it has diminished over time.

  • 3- Promote tenderness

Eliminate the distance between you two. Demonstrate tenderness like never before. Increase the number of strokesand all occasions are good to apply this trick (watching television, reading a book, etc.), a wandering hand on his chest, in his hair, on his thighs, on his arm muscles, finally you have understood the principle.

Also use sweet words to speak to him, something new: “a gentleman for example at the beginning of each sentence”. Also think about massages, preferably using essential oils. All those body tricks and techniques increase sexual desire in man.

  • 4- Take more initiatives

Show yourself more and more greedy. Ask for more and more cuddly moments between you. Ah yes the appetite comes in eating !! It’s the same with sex. Accustom your man to a rate of reports sexual higher than usual. He will probably notice the difference.

Take some initiatives, tease your man, wear sexy outfits, offer him a little striptease, have wandering hands in bed. Don’t sit in your corner waiting for your spouse to make the first move. Surprise him. This will increase sexual desire and appetite in your spouse.

  • 5- Break the routine

Everyone has fantasies. For the most part, we prefer to keep them secret. Because they reflect the desire to express our impulses the deeper ones that are often the opposite of society’s restrictions. Try to find out the fantasies sexual relations of your spouse. During your next sex, put them into practice. You will quickly notice the difference in sound attitude.

Son sexual desire will soar. It could be a new position in bed, the use of sextoys, having sex in specific places (on a bus, in a concert hall, in the kitchen, in an elevator, etc.). Spice up your sex every day with new practices for break the routine.

  • 6- Use romantic sexts

Use romantic texts, sexy and teasing during the day when you’re separated from your spouse. Go ahead with your own imagination by sincerely expressing your emotionshow you feel about him.

Of the sentences of the type « I miss you » or « I’m dying to see you », that’s what gives your man theurge quickly wrap up your work day and find yourself at home instead.

  • 7- Help him love your body

Take care of yourself, your body. Don’t get into a routine. If you took some curves (additional weight), put yourself in the sport to find the line. Put on sexy outfits. Value your physical assets.

Do not forget that the sexual appetite in men is essentially stimulated by the appearance of the body of the opposite sex. Get your partner to want your body more.

  • 8- Play sports

Encourage your partner to practice physical exercises most of the time. This will get him in shape physically. As you already know, the regular practice of sexual intercourse requires ae certain physical capacity.

The older your man will be athletically in shape, better your sex life as a couple will be worn. However, it would be worth ensuring that he does not become addicted to playing the sport. For he could wear or spend all his energy in a gym to the point of losing all sexual desire. Instead, adopt a reasonable sports exercise program.

  • 9- Use lack and absence

improvise a trip, stay a few days away from him, enhance your presence by your absence. It’s no secret that man in general tends to more to desire a thing or a person when he is deprived of it. It is the same in love. You will miss to your man and his desire to see you again will increase and by extension his sexual desire.

On your return, consider organizing a small intimate evening to set the scene.

  • 10- Have recourse to erotic games

Do not hesitate to use erotic games and other sexy, chic and naughty objects and accessories to liven up your intimate sessions. There are erotic objects and games for all tastes and all imaginations, online on the internet or in the very famous sexshops, today called lovestore (to tease, provoke, surprise the spouse).

They can help people in part of libido to regain sexual desire and to revive the parts and make them more hot.

  • 11- Block out some quality time together

Synchronize your calendars.

Put aside all your occupations (work, wifi, social networks, etc.) be focused only on the two of you. he must see that he has your full attention. it will be very difficult for you to provoke very intense sexual desire in your spouse if he notices you you are not not 100% in the game.

Build this bubble of complicity between you two as in the first days. You can block one or more specific days in the week and devote them only for your sexual complicity.

  • 12- Control your testosterone

Avoid the consumption of substances such as alcohol conconsumed in large quantities, drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc. All of these substances decrease the level of testosterone (the hormone responsible for sexual energy in men) in the body and can even go so far as to causeinfertility.

It is important that you take the lead, and that you help him to have a balanced life, which will allow him to have sexual desire.

For further : if you have any other advice, in order to increase the desire of her man, you can share it in the comments below:

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