12 examples of good compliments to give a woman

12 examples of good compliments to give a woman

12 examples of good compliments to give a woman

If you want flatter a woman please, here is a list of the best compliments to give a woman, in order to please him:

  1. “You know you are very elegant? »

The greatest seducers know very well that when it comes to seduction, you shouldn’t compliment a woman on her physique. However, this kind of compliment is very original, because you have to be a observer to notice it. A loser or a beginner in seduction will never say these words. For women, with an elegant gait is a real pride.

  1. “Your hair is really beautiful”

Do you know that a woman spends nearly 14 hours of time in a hair salon over a year? This clearly demonstrates how much hair is very important for women. Do not hesitate to make it compliments on her hair. They would appreciate him enormously instead of talking to him about his eyes or his pretty buttocks.

  1. “I really like your humor”

Humor and jokes are the preferred weapons men in matters of seduction. However, women can also be funny from time to time. Throw a woman this kind of compliment and you will see that she will look at you differently. She will know that you pay special attention to her personality. In addition, she will realize that you also know how to appreciate her quality, but not only, her physique.

  1. “Your lips are so soft and bubbly”

When it comes to seduction, you have to choose your words carefully to get the desired results. By complimenting a girl on her lips, you create sexual tension. You will make her understand how much she affects you. She will know that you want to go further with her. However, in order not to be vulgar or risk offending her, be sensual and delicate.

  1. “You have a really glowing complexion and beautiful skin”

The purpose of the compliment is to excite the woman and show her that her charm and her beauty are not indifferent to you. You openly express your interest in her. You can even accompany these words with sensual gestures such as a steady gaze and a big smile. She will fall under your spell without a doubt.

  1. “You are full of life, there is no risk of getting bored with you”

Some women are full of dynamism and bursting with energy. You should never hesitate to show a woman that you love to be in his company. She would know that the current is going well between you and that you have something in common. The goal is to show the woman that you are a gentleman, who knows how to appreciate her at her fair value. You will be unique in his eyes.

  1. “I like the way you dress, you choose your clothes well”

Compliments are the best tools for flirting with a girl you’re interested in. The originality allows distinguish a great seducer, of a nerd or a loser. Complimenting the way she dresses makes it clear that you’ve taken the time to observe her. It’s the kind of compliment that does not leave a pretty woman indifferent.

  1. “You are so spontaneous”

Women never openly reveal their characters. They like to marinate things, just to make the pleasure last. If you come across a sincere girl who isn’t shy about expressing their deepest thoughts to you or makes it clear that you’re their kind of guy, you’re in luck. It will be a gift from heaven. She deserves a nice compliment from you.

  1. « Your jeans sublimate your curves wonderfully »

As it has always been said, women know how to recognize compliments that come from the depths of their thoughts. Always be spontaneous. Your compliments must be personalized to have an effect. If your appreciation rings true in her ears and she validates it, she’ll know you mean it. Instead of telling her that her ass is busting you, be more gentlemanly by focusing on her tight jeans.

  • 10. « You’re very slender, do you work out? » »

Compliments a woman’s physique requires a lot of tact. In general, if you approach the girl for the first time, it is not advisable to talk about her buttocks. Better wait for 3th or the 4th appointment. She will know you better. You will not pass for a pervert.

  • 11. “I wish more people were like you”

The best way to make a good impression with a woman is to surprise her. Forget the too simple words that only take into account its external appearance. Bet on real compliments that will highlight his personality. She will know that you are sincere.

  • 12. “You have great taste”

Note that apart from their sensualities, women are also very smart and skillful. They know how to recognize when a man is lying or insincere, just to flirt with them. The choice of compliments must be well thought out and reflect the personality of your conquest if you want to impress her.

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