12 signs you’re dealing with a narcissistic pervert

12 signs you’re dealing with a narcissistic pervert

12 signs you’re dealing with a narcissistic pervert

If you have any doubts about the relationship nature, here are the 12 signs which should alert you that you are facing a narcissistic pervert:

  • N°1- A good intellectual level

Many traits can help identify a narcissistic pervert, the first of which is intelligence. They are very good on the cultural and intellectual level, knowing how to turn debates in their favor, which makes them perfect manipulators. It is thanks to these attractions that they manage to hold women in their clutches, to that they cannot free themselves from their yoke.

  • N°2-Very strong in seduction

Narcissistic perverts are very skilled to seduce their prey, they know very well how to find the appropriate words during seduction. At first, the narcissistic pervert plays a double game with his victim by behaving with charm and altruism. Once the mask has fallen, its dark side appears little by little to finally give way to his true nature.

  • N°3-They have an obsessive behavior

You can easily recognize a narcissistic pervert by their behavior obsessive. Apart from the fact that he defends sown interests fiercely and aggressively, the narcissistic pervert also thinks that his prey and all his goods belong to him. This allows him to control easily the victim so that she cannot revolt.

  • #4-A flagrant lack of empathy

The narcissistic pervert is also characterized by his lack of empathy, he feels no love towards others, not even for his victim. And yet like a good actor, he knows very simulate well by gestures and emotions to make others believe that he is like any human being able to feel good.

  • N°5- Has an art of lying

A great lover of lies, of course the narcissistic pervert live serenely on a daily basiswith that. To be appreciated by his entourage, the narcissistic pervert does not hesitate to lie during a whole dialogue. Moreover, it is difficult to discern the true from the false thanks to his ability to mix sincerity and honesty.

  • N°6- A narcissistic pervert can resort to physical violence

The violence is part of strategies adopted by a narcissistic pervert so that his prey behaves well. He does not hesitate to use physical contact so that his victim is always at his mercy. During sexual relations, the acts of a narcissistic pervert become more and more extremeuntil reaching a level of sadomasochism.

  • N°7- He/she has no good faith

Narcissistic perverts are beings sadists and devoid of good faith, they experience much pleasure in observing the suffering of others. Indeed, a narcissistic pervert likes to play with the problems that affect those around him, by pulling a maximum enjoyment and does everything so that it falls into oblivion.

  • N°8-His behavior can be paranoid

A narcissistic pervert is recognizable through his paranoid behavior. The fact of living all the time in lies andhypocrisy makes the pervert very cautious, being wary of all the people around him and the relatives of his victim. Especially since the narcissistic pervert becomes more and more dangerous at certain times or his prey begins to see clearly in his game.

  • N°9-He knows how to turn the discussions in his favor

The narcissistic pervert integrates easily into society and is appreciated by those who don’t actually know him. From the outside, no one suspects his true nature, as he is friendly, talkative and open. The narcissistic pervert is very good at talking and knows very well divert or return arguments in its favour.

  • N°10- A marked egocentrism

L’self-centeredness is especially one of the main symptoms to recognize a narcissistic pervert. He feels above the others and for him, no one can be superior. All the manipulative acts he inflicts on his victim are good deeds for him, never questioning his actions.

  • #11- He never feels guilty or at fault

Forgiveness constantly to change anything in the end, a narcissistic pervert knows very well how to manage to be forgiven by his victim. All the manipulative acts he inflicts on his victim are good deeds for him, never questioning his actions. Never believe in a show of forgiveness, because a narcissistic pervert never feel guilty or at fault during an argument.

  • N°12- He/she tries to isolate his victim

The narcissistic pervert completely isolates its victim to be able to control it better. In cutting completely the bonds of this one with his close relations and all his entourage, the narcissist can easily exercise his strategy of manipulation without any hindrance. In some cases, the very relatives of the victim let themselves influencer by the pervert and drop this one.

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