12 smart phrases to go out on a dating site

12 smart phrases to go out on a dating site

Here are funny and clever phrases to place in a dating site:

  1. “I am passionate about cooking. Only, I hate preparing steak tartare, because I can never cook it properly. »

Quite an original way to introduce yourself. With this kind of approach, you are not likely to go unnoticed. The goal is to amuse your interlocutor. Avoid at all costs long introductions soulful, because your profile will be immediately zapped.

  1. “It seems to me that you are playing music. If we meet, can you play me pipo? »

To attract attention on dating sites, do not hesitate to make jokes on the person’s profile without being rude. In addition, always try to personalize your message for more originality and do not limit yourself to superficial things, because you will be taken for a nerd.

  1. “If you were condemned to eat the same dish all your life, what would you choose? »

Humor is an infallible technique for flirting on dating sites. This is what differentiates a seducer from a beginner. If you want your conquest to react, always use funny questions. Not only will she find you funny, but she will also be curious to know you.

  1. « What nickname would you give me based on my profile? » »

This is a very smart approach to engaging in conversation with a girl on the internet. You will like to know what she thinks of you. This is a very open question that will prompt other questions. Of course, she should tell you why she chose the nickname. This will allow you to move on to other topics of conversation.

  1. « If we invite you to restaurant, will you choose a vegetarian menu or rather foie-gras entrecôte? »

With this kind of question, your interlocutor will find you interesting. The choice of subject is very important on a dating site. You will be able to distinguish yourself from others. This kind of sentence would amuse your interlocutor, but would also allow you to know more about her.

  1. “Can you estimate how many women I refused before knowing you? »

On dating sites, women are looking for originality. They know how to recognize banal compliments that lack sincerity. They hear them every day. Humor remains the best way to easily seduce a beautiful woman on the internet. With this catchphrase, you will stand out. It’s not the meaning of the sentence that matters, but the message you want to convey.

  1. “I have my bunny who’s birthday tomorrow. What gift do you think a 6-month-old baby rabbit would like? »

Women often think men are predictable. To be able to impress them on the internet, you will have to surprise her and prove her wrong. You always have to look for a particular context to start the conversation, but don’t necessarily focus on it. By asking her for advice, you will esteem her and she will appreciate it. We add a dose of humor here.

  1. « It’s rare to come across girls as smart as you on this site »

You should never forget when you try to hook a girl on a dating site, to take care of the approach sentence. It’s just like the beginning of a cover letter. If you want to attract the attention of the recruiter, you will have to be sure from the first sentence. Otherwise, we won’t even try to finish your letter.

  1. “Wow, looks like you’ve traveled a lot. For me, it’s been centuries since I left my city »

That’s a good compliment you pay him. This clearly shows that you are more interested in what she does for a living instead of just looking at her looks. At the same time, you play modesty. You imply that you want to escape a little from your daily life.

  • « You have a beautiful photo, in which museum did you take it? »

This kind of approach should certainly cause the laughter in your interlocutor. This is the desired effect. She will know that you are a great joke with whom she will not be bored. You don’t necessarily need long sentences to be successful on the internet. Be simple but impactful.

  • “I saw you ride a horse. So you did horseback riding at the last Olympics? »

The catchphrase you use will depend on the site in question. On sites like Tender or Meetic, you have to know how to have fun and be funny in order to make an impression and attract people. You don’t have to be a genius to seduce a girl on the internet. There is nothing to invent. You just have to have a sense of observation. Take a look at the profile.

  • “So, I see you like dogs. Me, I prefer the ienches!! »

Jokes are always appreciated on dating sites. Only, you have to know how to dose well so as not to offend or make your interlocutor uncomfortable. This kind of approach can be funny as it can also be shocking. Everything will depend on the personality and sensitivity of the other person.

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