12 techniques to get out of the « friendzone » with a woman

12 techniques to get out of the « friend zone » with a woman

Here are the best techniques to get out of the friendzone with a woman:

  1. Don’t be available for her anymore

If you have made the decision to leave the friendzone, you will have to take your courage in both hands and be willing to sacrifice your friendship. You will no longer be his confidant nor the friend available at all times. From now on, you should take your distance and miss the call. There is no need to provide him with excuses or explanations for your action.

  1. Set new priorities

If before, she was your center of interest, from now on you should focus on yourself. In other words, you should focus on your own life. For example, socializing more with your friends and girlfriends, taking up sports if you have neglected it before, going out to clubs, taking more time in other personal or professional projects. You should practically forget about it.

  1. Adopt a new look

You are going to show your ex-friend that you are no longer the one she knew. You can adopt a dog character in such a way that she wonders what happened to you. But you can also become a more groomed man than before, with a new, sexier look that women are raving about. The goal is that she no longer sees you as her former friend.

  1. Hang out with other people

The goal is to make her jealous. Pick up and flirt with other girls. Of course, all of this must be done before his eyes, otherwise it would be useless. You have grasped it, it is a staging staged from scratch with the aim of getting out of the friendzone. The technique is rather drastic but necessary if you want to achieve your goal.

  1. Make her believe that she might lose you

Be careful, it is not a question here of insulting her or belittling her as less than nothing. We simply want to create doubt and fear in her. Losing a best friend without knowing why, should destabilize her to the point of seeking to see you again. The most important thing is that she realizes that your relationship is not the same as before.

  1. Transform into an alpha male

No alpha male agrees to be in a friendzone. It’s humiliating is at odds with the characteristics of a true alpha male. You will now be appreciated by women for your quality of seduction. Your friend might be even more jealous of you.

  1. Create sexual tension

When you were in the friendzone, it wasn’t about sex. Currently, all that will have to be changed. After taking your distance for some time, she will be delighted to see you again. Now is the time to take matters into your own hands. Create sexual tension to make him understand your intention. With a sensual gaze and a smirk, you should be able to make her blush.

  1. Cut the ties

It’s not an essential step, but if the creation of sexual tension does not work, it will be necessary to cut the bridge. It will be difficult for you to achieve your goal. The only way to escape the friend zone would be to end your friendship. It is a sacrifice to be made. Of course, all is not lost, she could change her mind at any moment. Patience.

  1. Dare physical contact

All the previous steps will have been useless if you can’t reach it. It is both a confirmation and a justification of your behavior towards him. If the sexual tension is strong enough, physical contact will be successful. You will try to kiss her, caress her or even go further if luck is on your side.

  • 10. Avoid talking about his friends

If you’ve made it through physical contact, you’re on the right track. Do not jeopardize this success by talking about things like his friends or events that have a direct link to your old friendship. All of that is now a thing of the past. You have to look into the future for you to definitely leave the friendzone.

  • 11. Invite her to a party

Arrived at this stage, we should not let go of the piece. If you hang around, your beauty could be caught by another seducer. You have to speed things up by inviting her to romantic evenings where you can openly discuss anything and everything. All the while, keep close while giving sensual compliments and caresses galore.

  • 23. Admit your feelings

After all these efforts, you have finally left the friendzone for good. It’s time to tell him how you feel. You deserve congratulations, because few men achieve such a feat. It is impossible. You can now skip it with peace of mind.

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