12 tips for flirting with an older woman

12 tips for flirting with an older woman

The best advice for flirting with a woman older than you:

  1. Self-confidence is important

Note that seducing an older woman is not an easy task. If you take it the wrong way, she might not take you seriously. You would have to impress her and show her that you can tame her. To achieve this, you will have to demonstrate
a lot of confidence. Make him believe by your behavior and your attitude that you are a man who assumes responsibility, confident and endowed with a strong personality.

  1. Get his attention

In order to be able to impress an older woman, you must not be superficial. She likes to know about your exploits, your achievements, your projects in life. She prefers dealing with a cultured and ambitious man. For example, discuss more serious topics such as international news, art or music. Above all, avoid discussing topics that only concern people your age. She will feel embarrassed.

  1. Avoid bringing it to suitable places

Because of her age, she might feel uncomfortable if you invite her to a place where she might meet your friends. Instead, prefer places where women her age would go. For example, you can opt for quiet places like a restaurant where you can chat quietly. You will have to inform yourself beforehand so that she does not take you for a nerdy or boring. Don’t forget that she is looking for an interesting man who knows what he wants.

  1. Prepare for his questions

Be careful, you are not dealing with a 20-year-old girl, but with an experienced woman in her thirties or more who is no longer taught anything. Learn to express yourself like a true gentleman. Among the questions she might ask you are like “how old would you make me?”, “what are you looking for? », « it does not bother you if I have the age to be your mother? .. Do not be fooled, because this is a trick question. Do not be too honest with this kind of woman, but say what she wants to hear.

  1. She must feel desirable

Age is always awkward for a woman who is seduced by a younger man. Indeed, she fears not to live up to the expectations of the other. Let loose and show that you fantasize about her. Do not hesitate to caress her, flirt, kiss her so that she feels desired. Complimenting her on her shape or her charm is a good seduction tactic. Look sincere even if you’re not.

  1. Be mature

If you have chosen to pecho a woman older than you, do not hesitate to use drastic measures. Show that you are a mature man, very manly, educated, but who has a sense of humor. No woman can resist these qualities. If you don’t have these personalities, you have to practice to make a good impression. Don’t forget that your maturity will make you more interesting to him.

  1. Be independent

This is a quality highly valued by older women in men. Make him understand that you, you assume perfectly and that you do not depend on anyone. When you talk together, refrain from talking about your parents or your friends. This could betray the personality you want to put forward. The most important thing is to make him understand that you are in charge of your life and you are determined to achieve your goal in life.

  1. Act like a gentleman

If you want to please her and make her fantasize, you will have to behave like a real gentleman. In other words, avoid the vulgar language that characterizes especially young people of your age. If the woman you are seducing has a child and talking to you will feel like she is talking to her son, your chance of having him in your bed will be very slim.

  1. Elegance is a quality she appreciates

Approaching a woman over 30 requires a lot of tact and refinement. If you flirt with her like a 20-year-old girl, she might take you like an immature little kid. She is looking for a man who knows how to value her and respects her. A handshake with a more formal presentation works great.

  • 10. Ask her out.

Do you know what women have in common? They all like to have a good time where they won’t get bored. Only with an older woman will have to bring you with heavy artillery. If you invite him to a restaurant, for example, opt for a wine or a gin and tonic instead of ordering a beer. You will look like a real adult.

  • 11. Do not be complexed by your age

Some young people feel helpless in front of an older woman for lack of experience. Instead, focus on your strengths: you have energy to spare, a young and strong body that attracts any woman, you are optimistic, you have plenty of projects to achieve. A man of the same age as her wouldn’t measure up to you.

  • 12. Take the lead

You would have to surprise her by acting exactly like an experienced older man. If she invites you to her home, don’t hesitate to hug her, kiss her and make love to her. Don’t be begged. Of course, don’t forget to open a bottle of wine before the action. This is the rule in this kind of situation.

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