12 tips for flirting with (& dating) a friend

12 tips for flirting with (& dating) a friend

If you have a amiewith whom you get on well, and you would like to go further (and get out of the friendzone), well here are the best advice to hit on; trying to seduce, and manage to go out with one of his friends:

  1. Identify your strengths

The goal is to make your friend looks at you in a different way. For this, you will have to highlight all your strengths. List your qualities who could seduce a girl. For example, your gallantry, your kindness, your charm. You just have to list all compliments or appreciations coming from your friend and exploit them in order toimpress your conquest.

  1. Persevere in your seduction

Picking up a long-time friend is a daunting task, but not an impossible one. You have to have patience and demonstrate perseverance. Indeed, it is not easy for your friend to realize that your relationship will take another turn. It might take some time. If you are certain of your love for her, you must sarm yourself with courage. As the saying goes,  » everything will come in time to those who know how to wait”

  1. Sow doubt in your friend’s head

The first thing to do is to desert the circle of friends. You do not will be more available to her as before. She will no longer be able to confide in you, because you have decided to take your distance. The goal is to install in her a doubt. Make her think she’s no longer interested in you as a friend and that she is losing you for good.

  1. Change your priorities

Previously, you were inseparable and in constant contact. Now, you are no longer there to systematically answer his calls or texts. She must know that you have other priorities in life and that it is no longer indispensable. You spend more time in the gym or flirt with other girls. She must know everything you do so that the strategy works.

  1. Don’t confess your feelings right away

If it doesn’t work, there will come a time when you should declare your passion. For the moment, it will be necessary to prepare the ground so that you can more easily reach the fixed goal. What we are looking for is to give birth to a sentiment other than friendship. You will have to make her jealous to the point of feeling desire and sexual attraction to you.

  1. The temporary break

After creating the doubt, it is necessary to vanish a few weeks. She must absolutely believe that you are no longer a friend of hers. However, she should be aware of all your actions and gestures, to make her more jealous. You can use social networks for this or hang out with his friends by putting on a good face. She will try to see you at all costs.

  1. Play the mysterious

She wants to have a logical explanation for your behavior. It’s not the time yet to confess how you feel about her. She would have to imagine things. Does not openly show that you are still interested in her. Nor should she think otherwise. Instead, make her understand that you want to do some retrospects and take a step back from your relationship.

  1. identify what she is looking for in a romantic relationship

Now is the time to get down to business. By being his friend for several years, you will have to know their expectations of a romantic relationship. It is up to you to assess whether you will be able to satisfy him in this sense or if it is a waste of time. In case you match theideal manit will be necessary to engage the higher gear.

  1. Make physical contact

It is no longer a question of taking your distance. NOTdon’t forget that physical contact is very important when it comes to seduction. It is time to take risks in order to know if your approach will have a chance of succeeding. Show by your gesture and behavior that she attracts you. Sensuality is the best way to make her understand your intention. You can touch his hand, his neck or his shoulders. She will understand the message.

  1. Date other women (and see her reaction)

This is an alternative in case your friend shows resistance to your advances. Going out with others women, you will make her jealous and show that she is not essential in your eyes. Your objective is to push her over the edge so that she reacts. She might even criticize your conquest. This is the purpose of the strategy.

  • 11. Create sexual tension

Show that you you are not the same person as before. Creating sexual tension will make him realize that you are looking for more than just friendship. You will have to adopt certain sensual attitudes such as a steady gaze, physical approaches more daring (but consented), even kisses.

  • 12. Tell her openly how you feel about her.

The last step is to confess your sentiments. All the previous steps will only confirm your intention. She will finally understand where you are coming from. It’s a risk to take because if she’s not ready to live a love story with you, your friendship may be broken forever.

For further : if you have any other advice so to go out with a friend, you can mention them in the comments:

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