12 tips for sleeping with a girl on the first date

Sleep with a woman on the first night

here are the best advice in order to get to sleep with a woman (adult) following the first date:

  • Tip #1: Avoid idolizing the girl

To maximize your chances of sleeping with a girl from the first date, too much should be avoided as much as possible overestimate the daughter (even if she is very beautiful). Don’t put her on a pedestal as if she were a superior being. Otherwise, you risk panic putting yourself too much pression and underestimating yourself.

She would definitely feel your lack of confidence. And girls don’t sleep with men who don’t trust them and who believe inferior to them.

  • Tip #2: Show no stress

It would be hard for you to bring this girl home on the first be if you let the stress get to you. It is not a matter of life or death. Besides, he’s not an extraordinary being. Take into account that if she accepted the appointmentis that in a sense, she also already finds you interesting. Otherwise she would never have come.

Be confident and show a big smile. Otherwise you risk communicating your stress and thus destroying all your chances of concluding on the first evening.

  • Tip n°3: Two keys: humor and seduction

If you show a girl on the first date that you are a leader (a man who will bring him some security) and a person exciting with whom she will almost never be bored, there is a good chance that on the evening of this first date, you weren’t going home alone.

Show him that you are passionate person who has real solid plans. Tell a great story captivating and a little marante on you.

  • Tip n°4: The place of the meeting: very important

be very meticulous on the choice of the place of your appointment, if your ambition is to sleep with the girl from the first meeting.

Avoid very open places such as cafes, restaurants, public gardens… Opt more for frames offering a some privacy such as bars.

The meeting place must indirectly communicate a certain sexual tension to the girl.

  • Tip n°5: The time of the meeting: strategic

It would be difficult for you to bring back a girl at home after a first date so precisely this meeting takes place at an inappropriate time.

The most recommended time is from 9 p.m.

So if your soirée ends at a somewhat late hour, this detail can work in your favor to bring her home. In addition, you will have the possibility of offer several drinks (of alcohol). She will relax and let her guard down a bit after a few drinks (always in a setting of respective consent).

  • Tip No.6: You have to get closer and try to kiss her

Do everything in its time and respect the order of progress events. First you need to create a climate of dialogue between the girl and you.

She must forget the fact that she is in the presence of a person who is still unknown. Put her in a position of trust.

Then you can pass to the next step : that of touch.

Start by touching his mains while continuing to chat with her. Go to the forearms, the shoulders…go there gradually until you reach the level of the kiss.

But don’t skip any steps along the way.

  • Tip n°7: Take care of your lexical field (language)

It is not a question here of doing attention any word that would come out of his mouth that night, but rather avoid vulgar terms as much as possible.

Be yourself and relaxed in your words. Don’t forget that the girl judge you and combs through every word that comes out of your mouth.

  • Tip #8: Avoid topics of conversation that oppose

Conversation topics relating to religion or politics are to be avoided during your first meeting if you have intention to conclude with the girl.

She may find you withdrawn, embittered and narrow-minded, if you decide to venture into this field. Because these are generally somewhat controversial subjects that oppose opinions. The only result you’re likely to get is a gloomy mood.

Opt instead for more cheerful and open subjects who value and not subjects who criticize.

  • Tip No.9: Put the girl in confidence

Remember that before your first date, you are still a total stranger in the eyes of the girl.

You can to reassure the girl by talking to her about you, for example. Gradually get her to talk to you about herself.

It is normal that at first she is not very talkative. But you have to put it in confidence through your positive attitude and your behavior in the event.

  • Tip No.10: Make yourself interesting

L’ennui is the worst enemy of first dates. Avoid falling into this trap.

Find topics of conversation who will engage you and her who will get the girl involved (travel, gastronomy…).

You can ask him questions on his projects. This will show him that you interest to her and encourage her to interact more with you.

  • Tip No.11: Bet on the emotional side and not on the rational

Don’t think of convincing her with arguments. Rather bet on the side emotional. Bring out his sentimental side.

Instead, think about what makes to melt women in general. Show yourself attentivelistening.

Don’t try to sleep with a girl on the first night using the strategy of logic, but bet on the emotional.

  • Tip #12: Try to take her home

In order to get to sleep with a woman, the best is to get her home.. so why not have a last drink. Indeed, if you are in a bar, you will probably have difficulty bring closer physically of your target.

So, if the woman is at home, you can sit next to her on the sofa, and you can get closer, if she obviously agrees.

For further : if you have any other advice, in order to get to sleep with a woman on the first night, you can mention it in the comments:

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