12 tips for your profile picture on a dating site

12 tips for your profile picture on a dating site

Here are the best tips to optimize your profile picture for a dating site:

  1. Highlight your personality

In order to hang on dating sites, you have to know how to distinguish yourself from others. Your profile should reflect your personality. Thus, you should not choose the photo by chance or by drawing from your image stocks. You will have to be more creative. If necessary, take new photos to make your message impactful.

  1. Work frame (make photo)

The goal is not to be fancy, but rather to be original. As we just said, the profile picture reflects your personality. Therefore, if you want to be attractive, your photo will have to be attractive enough to arouse curiosity. Put for example decorations or a frame, but never leave empty fields around your profile picture.

  1. Cause the meeting

An inexpressive photo that doesn’t mean anything in particular has little chance of getting an audience. At first glance, the other members should react. Just be a little inventive without overdoing it either. The most important thing is to be yourself. You can put for example objects that you adore, or the photo of an artist or actor that you appreciate. The choice is vast.

  1. Send a message

The message you want to convey is very important when it comes to dating sites. Along with your photo, you should add not necessarily long text. A short sentence or brief description would be enough to grab attention. The goal is to encourage the audience to know a little more about your profile.

  1. Humor is very important

This is the secret to being successful on dating sites. Humor is the infallible tool to hook and arouse the interest of others. Remember that building trust is very important. By being humorous, you open a door. It remains to filter those that interest you. The profile picture should reflect this aspect so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

  1. Selfies are discouraged

Many people use selfies taken everywhere as their profile picture. It’s not a good idea, because most of these photos lack charm. Indeed, they are often blurred or insufficiently lit. This arouses mistrust among Internet users. Nothing beats an authentic profile picture.

  1. Avoid photoshop

Honesty is very important on dating sites. Without knowing you, we could get an idea of ​​your personality just by looking at the profile picture. It is not difficult to recognize a photo edited from scratch or retouched. You will be grilled at first sight. Just be honest. Put your real photo so as not to disappoint your interlocutor.

  1. Take pictures from head to toe

Why not put the odds on your side? Instead of inserting only the photo of your face, consider using an entire photo where we can see your lower limb. It sucks up trust and proves you have nothing to hide. Maybe you are a dwarf or have a disability? It’s not serious. We cannot stress enough the importance of honesty.

  1. A beautiful smile

Nothing easier. Everyone falls in love with a smiling person. According to surveys, 83% of subscribers to dating sites say they are interested in profiles with a nice smile. It is for this reason that you should not choose your profile picture anyhow.

  • Limit the number of photos

Some people upload an entire photo album to dating sites. Of course, you should put all the chances on your side. Nevertheless, 3 photos are more than enough to get people talking about you. Don’t forget that when it comes to seduction, you have to add a little mystery and suspense. Otherwise, you will not be interesting. The greatest seducers will confirm it to you.

  • Group photos are to be banned

You will agree that the reason for your presence on dating sites is to meet interesting new people. Therefore, you should only put your photo. Putting a group photo may decrease your chance of finding the ideal companion. The audience may well flash on the photo of one of your girlfriend.

  • be natural

It is absolutely essential. If you are a girl, note that 63% of men on dating sites say they are interested in natural photos. It is simply a question of honesty as we always say. Of course, being natural doesn’t mean being sloppy either. The goal is to show who you really are.

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