12 words to flirt with a woman in the street

12 words to flirt with a woman in the street

Not everyone always knows to land a woman in the street. Some people may sometimes want to call on a coach of seduction without the means to do so. There are little phrases of approaches that can help to easily create the contact. In shorthere are some examples of lyrics to flirt in the street:

1. “Hi! Can we chat over tea? »

Instead of hinting at a pot or a cup of coffee, tea brings a chic edge. You can also go further by offering a aroma like jasmine, mint, etc.

2. « How can you be single with such eyes? » »

This technique may seem provocative. But the goal is to receive an embarrassed “no” so that you can start the discussion right away. This is a method that can be very useful for shy men.

3. « I need a gift idea for my sister, can you help me? » »

Very clever, this approach helps you bring closer of the woman without questioning her directly. Ladies are usually touched with solicitude.

4. « Do you believe in love at first sight or should I try to bullshit you for 30 minutes? » »

Here is a daring phrase, but one that carries humor. Ladies love comical men. You will therefore succeed in attracting his attention if she is in a good mood and educated.

5. “Do you agree that… (choose a topical issue)? »

It is an approach very little used and which does notinterested not everybody. To do this, you must choose the person to whom to address a first sentence like this.

6. “Hi, can I ask you a quick question? Do you have any idea how brave a man must be to approach a woman on the street? »

This sentence first helps you to tell the difference between an extremist feminist lady and one who appreciates being approached courteously. Moreover, this is an opening of opinion that does not place you in the front line of flirting in a direct way.

7. « Oh, I see you like…you have a Muse t-shirt, have you seen them in concert? »

In short, another technique is also to use a detail that concerns it. In this case show you that you are too tied to something she loves. Also, show you that you like her way of dressing. Which definitely gives you points.

8. “Hi! Can I cross the barrier between you and the world to come and talk to you? »

When this phrase is accompanied by a smile pest, it inevitably reaches its target. Especially make sure the girl is in a hurry or busy on her smartphone.

9. « Do you know what time the next bus is? » You know this line well, I’m a little lost there! »

Women like to feel useful. That’s why she won’t find any inconvenience to give you advice or to help you.

10. “Hi! I would like to stay longer with you, but I have a super important unexpected, I suggest that we exchange our numbers to go have a drink next time. »

This kind of talk cannot bother your interlocutor. On the other hand, this shows that you are not desperate and ladies love situations like this.

11. “Hello. You are waiting for someone ? »

This approach is bold, but we must also recognize that she is sober. Especially consider practicing it when the woman in the street is motionless. For example, she can sit alone on a public bench.

12. “Hey, I was there, saw you and I think it’s very hot. »

This sentence is very practical and more used elsewhere. You have to use it when dealing with a moving lady. To be more gentlemenyou can add « Excuse me ».

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