13 tips for flirting with a woman on the phone

13 tips for hit on; trying to seduce a woman on the phone

The best tips for flirting with a woman on the phone, whether it’s a person met on a dating website, a friend or work colleague:

  • N°1- Be rested and calm before calling

You have got the number of the woman you want? Now we have to move on to the next one, the seduce on the phone. First, before calling him, you need to be in a good mood and positive. If you’ve gotten into a fight with another person, don’t try to make the call, the emotions are contagious even on the phone.

  • N°2- Work well on your manly voice

Preparing for the call, before going on the attack, you must think about choose a voice that will attract your interlocutor. Everyone knows that sexy, sensual voices attract women, so you have to practice on the voice you are going to adopt so that it is glued to the phone just to hear from you.

  • N°3- Choose a time when she will be available

In the beginning, you must choose the time you are going to call him, you need to gather some information about his daily habits. So you won’t be tempted to call her at a time when she’s busy. Best to make calls between 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to be sure to contact her at the right time.

  • N°4- Start by checking in on them

When chatting, the first thing you need to do is make a call so you can test the waters. In short, in a small exchange of greetings, you will be able to determine the nature of woman you flirt with, the way he speaks, all with the aim of facilitate your next conversations.

  • N°5-Address the subjects that are close to his heart

So that your conversation can last, choose them well topics on which you will exchange with her. A well-prepared catchphrase, accompanied by a few questions rescue in case silence creeps in during your call. Of course, opt for topics that may be of interest.

  • N°6-Take care of your vocabulary

Take good care of your vocabulary and pay attention to your way of talking. Women like to talk to a romantic man, so if you’re used to vocabularies not reassuring, try to make some adaptations so that she is reassured. It is above all necessary to give priority language maintained that too common.

  • N°7-Make her talk as much as possible

make sure that she can talk about here and listen to her, so she can chat as much as possible. She will easily fall under your charm knowing that you are always listening. You will also have to tell him about yourself, what you are for. that she has an idea from the person on the other end of the line.

  • #8-And bounce back teasing her

Do not hesitate to favor livelier conversations, because getting sucked into a boring subject is a risk that should not be taken. Tease her, find jokes interesting could prove useful, the more fun you have, the more the chances of being able to conquer will be in your favour.

  • N°9-Do not call immediately after retrieving his number

Choose, the perfect timing for make your first call, all you need to know is never contact the girl the same day you got her number. You will have to wait a few days to ask him for some news and above all, rather do not call during the weekends (especially Sundays), because you will surely pass for a guy who has no social life.

  • N°10-Create a habit to call each other regularly

Try to get her a contact permanent or even regular so that it canaccustom to talk to you. This technique will allow you to create a strong connection between you, make her expect a call from you every day. Once she gets used to talking to you, she’ll feel a lack if you don’t call him anymore, the ball is in your court.

  • #11-Give her a few compliments

Chain more conversations funny with her, ask what she’s wearing, what her room is like and try to imagine everything. At the time of your appointment, you can make compliments on his outfit in relation to what you asked the telephone. Suggest jeux sympathetic during your call, this way she will step out of her comfort zone.

  • #12-Be spontaneous on the phone

Be more spontaneous when you’re talking to her on the phone, if you’re out of sentences, don’t linger. Articulate your words well so that she can hear you well, you have to put some intonation when you ask her questions, all this will give you a more attractive image.

  • N°13-Ask him to see you face to face

Be more active when you’re done conversationyou should never let her go before you, it’s you hang up first. And so that there is more suspense for the next call, so put a bit of mystery in your last sentence.

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