14 tips for making love well (woman to woman)

14 tips for making love well (woman to woman)

14 tips for making love well (woman to woman)

Here are the best tips for having good sex with another lesbian woman:

  1. Follow your own fantasies

As in any sexual practice, there will be an exchange of energy and pleasure between two people. To make love to another woman well, you should first know your fantasies, your desires, the positions that give you the maximum ecstasy. During your sexual intercourse, confide in your partner these details.

  1. Relax

Relaxation is the key to pleasure. This is the best way to flourish during sex. You will reach orgasm more easily and you will be able to bring pleasure to your partner. To relax completely, you can do some yoga postures. It helps a lot to harmonize body and mind before the act.

  1. Consent is essential

For a sexual relationship to take place in the best possible way and for everyone to benefit from it, it is necessary to have the consent of the other. If you’re dying to fuck her when she doesn’t, it’s best to put off until another day.

  1. Cut your nails

Fingers are essential tools during sex. To make your partner come, you must never neglect the magic power of the fingers. However, to avoid hurting your companion, it is best to cut your nails, as this could cause irritation or even injury.

  1. Take all necessary precautions

Even relationships between lesbians can be equally risky. We are never safe from STDs, fungal infections, or the transmission of diseases such as hepatitis. Therefore, it is strongly advised to take all necessary precautions. For example, you can use latex gloves during penetration or systematically clean sex toys before using them.

  1. Orgasm is not an end

Surveys have revealed that lesbians always reach orgasm in 86% of cases. Thus, it is not necessary to systematically find the positions that promote orgasm. You just have to discover your own body as well as that of your partner. Everything will come automatically and gradually.

  1. Tenderness or domination?

As we have just said, there is no infallible rule to follow to the letter. The most important thing is to know exactly what would make you happy. If the scissor is the favorite position of lesbians, the experience can be varied according to the fantasies of each. Some girls, for example, like to be dominated or feel pain during sex.

  1. Vary the practices

To better flourish in bed and get a kick out of it, you have to avoid routine. It’s good to know your partner’s preferences. However, it is often necessary to vary the positions and practices for more sensations. The choice is multiple: cunnilingus, annulingus, clitoral or vaginal stimulation, G-spot or cervix stimulation, use of sex toys.

  1. Do not neglect the oral

Even if the fingers and the toys are very effective tools, the oral should not be neglected. It is indeed the stimulation most appreciated by lesbians. The tongue can do incredible things when you know how to do it well. The movements are unlimited: up and down, left and right or in circular motion.

  • 10. The scissor position is possible for flexible women

It provides truly incredible sensations. Note that stimulation by the clitoris is even better than that obtained using a penis. However, it requires good coordination of both partners. The position of the legs is very important, because the goal is to rub the private parts.

  • 11. Try phallic sex toys

If you are looking for more sensations with your partner, it is recommended to use this kind of sex toys. They can provide even more thrills than a penis would. At the same time, you can use other stimulations such as the tongue or the fingers. The result will be absolutely stunning.

  • 12. Clitoral stimulation to consume without moderation

In general, women take much longer to reach orgasm compared to men. During foreplay, clitoral stimulation is the best way to induce a violent orgasm in a woman. Do not hesitate to use this technique to give pleasure to your partner.

  • 13. Prioritize foreplay

Remember that women can cum multiple times during sex. It is therefore advisable to focus more on foreplay so that your partner reaches orgasm several times. Apart from oral sex, you can opt for caresses to different parts of the body including the erogenous zones.

  1. Go for masturbation and 69 position

The goal is to allow both couples to reach orgasm together. Thanks to the 69 position, both women can simultaneously benefit from cunnulingus. It is advisable to lay on your side for more comfort. For masturbation, you can use your own hands or a sex toy.

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