15 common sexual practices in libertine parties

And libertine club allows libertines to experiment with new sexual practices. Couples come here for Spice up their sex lives while singles want to achieve various fantasies. The voyeurs also favor this kind of place in order to watch couple showing off without any discomfort. Everyone has their own goal by going to this type of soirée. If you plan to participate in a libertine eveningwe give you an overview of the sexual practices the most common in these libertine clubs.

Note that these evenings can be organized via libertine clubsof the libertine campingbut still sites of meetings between libertinesyou type NousLibertins.com.

So, here are the 15 most common sexual practices during swinger parties:

1. The sado-masochisme

It is a practice very current during libertine evenings. It is a role play during which the other dominates and inflicts pain on his partner. We are talking here about master and disciple or sexual slave. Many couples appreciate this practice to bring more chilli pepper in their couples. Making others suffer is also a source of excitement for some people. Of course, there is always a limit to be set by everyone.

2. Swinging

The goal is to make a exchange of partners with other couples present. Nevertheless, it is always necessary that each partner is consenting so that the pleasure is guaranteed. Some prefer to fuck together in the same room for a foursome. Others choose to make love discreetly with the new partner in another room.

3. Threesomes

This sexual practice is carried out between three partners or threesome. In most cases, the woman gets caught by two men, one of whom is usually her spouse or girlfriend. However, you can also plan a threesome with other strangers who want to experiment with this practice. It even happens that the threesome takes place between two women and a man.

4. The Orgy

If the threesome takes place at three, theorgy involves several partners at the same time. One must have at least ten participants for the practice to be qualified as an orgy. The advantage is that the practice is very varied. Thus, you can do all possible positions and without any qualms. From fellatio to doggy style to sodomy.

5. Exhibitionism

Many libertines appreciate being watched making love, in mode exhibitionism. It’s a kind of power that we exercise over voyeurs. To measure up, you need to know how to perform and express your talents to impress those watching. The goal is to to stimulate the wishes of others. It often happens that this practice turns into a threesome or orgy depending on the degree of excitement produced.

6. Voyeurism

The goal is to jerk off looking at others, making love. It’s like watching a porn movie, but in real life. the voyeur feels intense pleasure watching the couple having sex. However, everything must be done with mutual respect. The only problem is that sometimes couples don’t want us to break their intimacies

7. Erotic games

This is a practice much appreciated by couples wanting to have fun. The possibilities are many. Use of a disguise, handcuffs, whips or even sex toys. This is a way to discover your partner differently. The most important thing is to let your imagination run wild and be inventive.

8. Side-by-side

This sexual practice consists of getting laid with your partner in the presence of other couples. It can be done on a bed or in various places in the room. Only, there is no question of exchanging with couples. Everything is allowed, but only with your partner. the side by side is very common during libertine parties. If you’re quite possessive or jealous and don’t like seeing your woman with other men, this is the ideal practice.

9. Candaulism

It is a fantasy for some men to see their wives being taken by other men. At first, he sleeps with the woman, then other men come to take his place. During libertine evenings, one can meet several candaulists who want to get laid with other men’s wives. But the man is not obliged to observe the scene. The woman can then show him photos or videos to excite him.

10. Mixing

This is a softer version of theswinging. This practice is intended especially for beginners in matters of libertine evening. After the side-by-side, you can mingle with the other couples without getting laid. You can however caress or kiss other people. The sex remains within the framework of your couple.

11. Le gang bang

This sexual practice is quite delicate, because it borders on the extreme in terms of licentiousness. The woman finds herself in the company of many men who have only one thing in mind. It’s to make love to her through every possible hole. It can also be a man surrounded by many gays who will use him as a sex toy. If the gang bang is not well controlled, it can become dangerous.

12. And the bukkake

This practice is very common in pornographic films, but also privileged in libertine clubs. After group sex, the men ejaculate on the woman’s body or face. That’s what we call facial cumshot.

13. Fetishism

This practice mainly concerns men. It is an excitation procured by contact with particular objects or certain parts of the woman’s body. the fetishism the most common is related to women’s shoes, stilettos, lingerie or pantyhose. Don’t be surprised if some men start licking your wife’s shoes or her feet.

14.   2+2

This practice is another form of swinging. It is about two couples exclusively, who meet in a room of the club, in order to make a foursometwo men and two women, without being disturbed by other people.

15. Bondage

It is also another form of masochism. The goal is to tie up the partner who takes on the role of the submissive. The latter must thus accept and support without complaining all the actions of the dominant. However, it is better to set a limit that should not be crossed.

To go further: if you know of other swinger party practices, you can share them below.

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