15 flirting phrases worthy of a redneck

There are signs and attitudes that show beauty. It is important to understand the difference between a redneck and a person in excess of alcohol or a person too laughing. Let me give you the 15 phrases of flirt worthy of a beau.

In short, here 15 flirting phrases worthy of a redneck :

  • My darling !!! Your father works at Nintendo if I can believe your DS body

Inevitably she will press next to continue her journey. Unless she’s a big fan of video games or something. It is not good this approach if you really want to seduce a girl.

  • Excuse me, my lady, don’t you have the time? ‘Cause ever since I saw you I’ve lost track of time

And the worst is that it is often done with a watch on the wrist of the man or the boy. Which still does not please the girl as an approach to seduction. These are heavy jokes that no longer need to be.

  • Excuse me I’m lost. Can you show me the way to your heart?

Seriously ? We even laugh to listen to it. How many times the girl in question. It’s seriously unpleasant. It takes a girl who’s too open-minded to take that kind of stuff without going all of a sudden.

  • I would like to be a dead leaf in front of your door so that you crush me with your beauty every morning when you leave your house

It is very funny. But it also lowers your rating a bit by using this kind of comment. It is necessary to know how to settle in the heart like a Man who has to do but finds time for it.

However, this sentence says quite the opposite.

  • Your father is a thief, he stole all the stars from the sky to put in your eyes

There are girls who don’t like certain words related to sin. She can therefore take it badly or even misinterpret ‘stealing’. A girl who likes jokes can easily understand. On the other hand, when one seduces one does not really know the true nature of everyone.

  • If I was a judge, I’d make us love each other forever

That’s crazy. A really crazy sentence worthy of a redneck.

  • Normally I’m a very good swimmer, but now I don’t understand why I’m drowning in your eyes

Once that said, it is in your tears that you will swim. It’s funny but it has no place in seduction.

  • I need word of mouth ’cause I just drowned in your gaze

Frankly, this phrase still baffles me. It’s so heavy. She can see you as a big pervert directly. And it will be a waste of time for you in advance. Girls want attention before they talk about sex. If she’s not joking, she’ll see that as an insult to the point of telling you that she’s not a whore.

  • We’ve met somewhere before, haven’t we? You look a lot like my next girlfriend

So you tell him that directly like that? But no !!! Be serious there.

  • Didn’t you hurt when you fell from the sky on Christmas Eve?

She is the snow? It’s incredible. Here is another sentence completely hated by the majority of girls. Be worthy of a true seducer.

  • If every time I think of you a flower grew, then the earth would be a huge rose garden

All of a sudden it becomes so important? Leave your heartaches at home when you want to flirt.

  • Honey you must be tired from running around in my head all day

Do you know her or for her to run all day long in your head? That’s what she’s going to tell herself. She’ll smell the lie right away and wonder if that’s what you tell all women.

  • Even if I have to die today, I will always fall in love with you

Always the paramount importance at first sight. It’s funny but it doesn’t go down well with most girls. She’ll start making fun of you over and over again.

  • Do you want to know why I follow you? ‘Cause my father always told me to follow my dream

And since childhood you know her? or your father just told you…

  • Your look told me you’re single, that’s why I followed your princess steps

She will answer directly: I am in a relationship. And this without you even finishing your sentence.

Generally, the girls are always looking for theoccasion to flee at the slightest fault when approached in the streets and the like. So, you have to think about making it very simple and attractive without forgetting little jokes. But we must not give ourselves an image of joker 100% or even lazy…

Hoping that these catch phrases beauf who help in your street landingsor online.

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What is the definition of a beau?

It is about an uncultivated man, who will make vulgar jokes (often based on sex) in order to try to make people laugh, without paying attention to the feelings of his interlocutor.

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