15 philosophical phrases for flirting online

You want flirt online ? And you want to appear intelligent ? So you wonder what a philosophical phrase put on your profile? Or for the purpose of send a like hook to a beautiful lady? Anyway, here is my Top 15 Philosophical Phrases to use on Meetic or others, in order to flirt online.

Top 15 philosophical phrases for flirting online

Here is my Top 15 philosophical phrases, in order to flirt via a nice catchphrase on a dating site or application (Tinder or other).

  1. “We don’t meet people by chance, they are meant to cross our path for a reason. »

Everyone has their destiny in life. Thus, we must never miss the opportunities that present themselves. Often the people we meet will be part of our lives forever.

  1. “Patience is calmly accepting that things happen, sometimes in a different order than expected. »

In love, nothing is predictable. It is only with patience that one obtains the most inaccessible things. If you are looking for your soul mate, you should never rush things because no one can take away your destiny.

  1. “Distance prevents a kiss or a hug, but never a feeling. »

Have you found your soul mate? Is it millions of miles from you? Never let distance get in the way of your love. A real feeling is unshakable. Neither the mountains nor the oceans could smother it.

  1.  » It is the uncertainty that charms us. Everything becomes marvelous in the mist. »

Give your heart to the one who deserves it. Do you want to know the degree of his love? Leave the doubt, give room for uncertainty to push him to be more interested in you. Show that you are worth it and that you are not given, but deserved.

  1. “True friendship is not being inseparable, it’s being apart and nothing changes. »

Genuine friendship is unshakeable. No matter the obstacles and problems, which one should face, the friendship always remains intact. The separation is only a way to prove to yourself that the friendship is very solid.

  1. “It is stupid to be saddened by the loss of a company: we may never meet this person, so we can do without. »

You should never be the victim of a separation. Breaking up is part of married life. Therefore, you have to know how to accept it and make a new start.

  1. “If a special person ever comes into your life, take care of them, it’s not a coincidence. »

The meeting with a person, with whom one feels good is never the result of chance. You have to know how to take advantage of this incredible opportunity that fate offers us. In a relationship, the most important thing is attention. Show by your behavior that you like him.

  1. “One day, you will meet this person who will make you understand why it never worked with another. »

In love, there is no logic or ready-made theory. The most important thing is to know how to listen to your heart, follow the course of things and not regularly seek explanations. If the relationship isn’t working out, you don’t have the right person yet.

  1. “Don’t be in too much of a rush to figure it all out. Appreciate the unknown and let life surprise you. »

In relationship, you should never rush things. If you want to go too fast, you risk tripping. You have to know how to get to know your companion and discover it gradually. Love is built.

  1. “Let go of the past and the past will let you go. »

In love, you have to know how to turn the page. A finished story is an opportunity to discover new horizons. Seek happiness and it will find you.

  1. « I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m just telling you it’s worth it. » »

Love is not always accessible. You have to know how to persevere and not spare your efforts to find your soul mate. After the effort, the reward.

  1. “Every day is a new chance to get there. »

Haven’t you found your soul mate yet? Does love escape you every time? Never give up. Every day that passes brings you closer to happiness. You shouldn’t miss it.

  1. “If you try, you have a chance of losing. If you don’t try, you’ve already lost. »

Love is like poker. Either you win the bet or you lose everything. You must never admit defeat, but arm yourself with courage and self-confidence. You won’t regret it no matter the outcome. As they say « nothing is impossible »

  1. “To love is to find wealth in what cannot be bought”

Love is the fact of discovering your soul mate, knowing its qualities and appreciating it in all its splendor. This is an inestimable wealth that no one can value or quantify.

  1. « The important thing is not to be big, it’s to be up to it »

In a relationship, you don’t have to move a mountain or hit the moon to impress your significant other. The goal is to show your loved one what you are ready to do for him.

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