19 dating quotes

Whether you are alone or with someone, reading citations about love, relationships and dating can really help you to acquire more wisdom on the subject. Relationships can come and go, or you can be in a long-term relationship; Anyway quotes inspiring about dating can help you see theamour in a different way, especially if you are trying to attract more love into your life using the Law ofattraction.

dating quotes

Here is our selection of 19 citations on the subject :

  • Sometimes the eyes find affinities that the soul already perceived long before the first encounter.
  • Love is an active construct, and a choice, not just a chance encounter.
  • Life is the art of encounter, even though there is so much mismatch for life.
  • When you meet someone and that person makes your heart stop working for a few seconds, watch out: they could be the most important person in your life.
  • If the eyes meet and, at this moment, there is the same intense glow between them, be vigilant: it could be the person you have been waiting for since the day of your birth.
  • If the touch of your lips is intense, if the kiss is passionate, and your eyes fill with tears at this moment, realize: there is something magical between you.
  • If the first and last thought of your day is this person, if the desire to stay together touches your heart, give thanks: God has sent you a gift: Love.
  • So pay attention to the signs – don’t let the daily craziness blind you to the best thing in life: LOVE.
  • Each encounter is fraught with losses. Sometimes two people who love each other meet and are happy. At the end of happiness, one of them cries or becomes sad or is invaded by an inexplicable melancholy. It is the loss that hides in the wonder of each encounter.
  • Happy sadness is that which only appears after real encounters, which are so rare. The real encounters are those that occur from being to being and not from intelligence to intelligence or from interest to interest. Real encounters don’t need words, they play in everyone, the part of them that has sublimated, become pure, better, crazy, but the part that meets needs and certainties before the facts.
  • It’s so hard to talk, it’s so hard to say things that can’t be said, it’s so silent. How to translate the deep silence of the meeting between two souls? It’s very hard to say: we looked at each other, and we stayed like that for a while. We were one being. These moments are my secret. There was what is called a perfect communion. I call this: acute state of happiness.
  • We hadn’t made an appointment, we hadn’t made an appointment. And, in the infinite possibility of places, in the infinite possibility of times, our times and our places coincided. And the meeting took place.
  • It is necessary to seek love wherever you are, even if it means hours, days, weeks of disappointment and sadness. Because the moment we go in search of love, it also goes to meet us.
  • Our first meeting was magical: I looked at him with the astonishment of having recognized him, and he with the happiness of having found me. Things from other lives.
  • May the feeling of the first encounters always remain so in us.
  • On the first date, when you meet, you have to have a long conversation, exchange of looks, compliments, the feelings must be synchronized, if the kiss happens, it must be warm.
  • When two people meet, there are actually six people present: each as he sees himself, each as the other sees him, and each as he really is.
  • Every day that passes, I realize that there are encounters that are not the result of chance!
  • True love is so rare that when you encounter it in any form, it’s a wonderful thing to be totally cherished in any form.
  • The worst things we do, after all, we do for love, and the worst pain we feel comes from love. Love is the greatest and most enduring enemy, because love brings forth memories that kill us, slowly, every day. I think a man who never finds love could most likely live forever. He should, because if he died, who the hell would remember him?
  • There really isn’t much in life that’s as violent or traumatic as meeting someone that really surprises you and opens up that weird dynamic that’s involved in romantic love.
  • In love, fidelity means this prolonged victory: the chance of an encounter overcome day after day by the invention of what will last.

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