19 examples of SMS to flirt with a woman (successfully).

Are you looking for texting ideas to send for to flirt ? We have the answer in 19 examples!

19 examples of SMS to flirt with a woman (successfully).

You have just met a woman on the Internet (example on Meetic or Jacquie and Michel Dating), or to meet a woman you like, you managed to get her phone number, and you want to see her again. Here are some tips, and most importantly, some examples of SMS that you can use, in order to flirt with her and get an appointment, without looking heavy:

Example of a message to flirt “I am direct”

The idea is to try to seduce her by offering her a date directly, without going through 4 paths:

– A new bar has just opened, rue Leguin, I really want to try it. Are you coming with me on Wednesday?

– Gift voucher for a drink at Dingo at 9:30 p.m. (with free Mojito, if you arrive on time). OK ?

– At 2 p.m., I will take a walk in the Town Hall Park. How about coming to feed the ducks?

Text: « You didn’t ask me, but I’m telling you anyway »

You can try to surprise him/her by offering him/her a cash message, in order to get a date:

– I have my evening tap class which is canceled, so free to see each other!

– Tonight, I have level 2 salsa lessons, so see you tomorrow night to go out dancing?

SMS “Come save me”

You want his reaction by questioning him in order to do you a favor. All of this, of course, in a humorous tone.

– There, I am stuck at a lunch with my grandparents. You wouldn’t want to be my excuse to escape, and that we meet in front of the town hall at 3 p.m.

The message: « The master of the game »

In addition to being funny, you try to show that you’re in charge, by offering to see you, without giving him the opportunity to refuse.

– Heads, I’m inviting you to go bowling tomorrow night, Heads, you’re inviting me for a mojito.

Pile !

Text: « I master chance »

The goal is to be funny, while forcing fate. The expected reaction is to make the person laugh.

– Give me a number between 1 and 99

. 7 !

You just won the right to invite me for a drink tonight at 7:00.

The message « the list » of flirting

Okay, that’s big. But you are trying to show that by chance you happened upon her/him, and that suddenly, you absolutely must take a moment together.

– I was scrolling through my directory, with all the numbers, and by chance my finger stopped on you. So you have to accept my offer. See you tonight in a bar in the center at 7 p.m.?

The flirt SMS “Info or Intox”.

The goal is to make the person react, by giving information that he/she will have to deny, and which will suddenly lead to a discussion, and an exit proposal.

“Your mom just told me you’re available to go out tonight. Let’s go have a drink ?

“You told me you’re allergic to dogs. Well, Bingo! I do not have any. So, I can invite you to come to my house for dinner.

– I saw today that you looked very tired. And suddenly, as I have done online relaxation courses, I would like to be able to share them with you. Meeting at your place at 6 p.m.?

Message « caused chance »

As a good flirt, you know how to invoke the very slight chance of meeting in the street, but this can be circumvented by taking the common decision to meet.

– We have a one in a thousand chance of meeting in the city center, but a one in one chance of seeing each other for a drink together tonight. Ok, for 7 p.m. at the Othello?

The “pets to keep” text message.

Animals are always a fun subject to talk about, since they call for sympathy, and little risk of disagreement. Add a touch of humor.

– I need someone to feed my rabbit. Could you come and feed him feed him next week? I’ll be there to show you the first time. See you Tuesday at 7 p.m. at my house?

The SMS “I have a surprise for you”

Women love surprises. If you add a hint of humor to it, they will have a hard time refusing your proposal.

– I just bought myself a new Christmas jumper with reindeer on it. Can I come at 7 p.m. to show it to you?

The text message “guy who projects himself”

Some women like romantic men. This is an opportunity to mix dragouille and romanticism.

– Next week is Valentine’s Day. See you tonight at 7 p.m. to prepare our evening for next week?

The message “invitation to something lame”

Nothing better than an invitation to an unusual activity to arouse his curiosity and make him want to see you.

– I just won 2 tickets for the M Pokora concert. You accompany me ?

The “ridiculous” but tempting love text

Some women can be softened by clumsy seduction attempts. This is an opportunity to write a funny and effective sms.

“You probably like me a little, and I sure like you a lot. It’s ridiculous to ignore each other, might as well spend the evening together.

The “scary guy” flirt text message »

If you play the guy who « keeps up » with a woman, but who nevertheless approaches her with skill, you may have a chance that she will respond to your message.

– After asking all your Facebook friends in common, I finally managed to get your number… suddenly, I propose that we celebrate together, going for a drink. Available tonight at 19J?

“After following you all afternoon, and finally finding your address. I was able to turn to the white pages to get your number. What a story, worthy of a great number from the Sherlock Homes investigator. So, to celebrate our reunion, are we going to have a drink together tonight at 7 p.m.?

Some tips for flirting by SMS

You have spotted a person you like, you have their phone number, and here is some tips to follow to write your SMS to flirt well, and succeed in seducing her:

  • Always send a SMS that calls for a response
  • Otherwise, you risk being left unanswered, without being able to blame the person.
  • Your meeting request must be specific.
  • It’s necessary guide the person so she doesn’t have to think.
  • Women love them enterprising men, and who know what they want.
  • Same for men, they like women who are determined and confident.
  • The woman must have the impression that she will miss a good time, if she refuses the proposal to meet you.
  • Your SMS must release a natural confidence In you.
  • You must write a message trusting that your proposal will be accepted.
  • You must never leave the impression that you are at his mercy
  • Avoid at maximum smileys… which do not reveal self-confidence.
  • The question of the SMS is not to know « if » you will see each other again, but «  when and where ».

If you have some technical questions on how to flirt with a woman by smsyou can ask them in the comments below, and share your experience with other singles.

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