19 funny catchphrases

19 funny catchphrases

You are looking for the loved one ? You are in the right place. Despite all your good will, you can’t find someone. You tried the dating sites, but without much success. And yet, happiness is so close. Thousands of profiles are at your disposal, and there is bound to be someone for you in this anthill of seduction 2.0. These days, between health restrictions, curfews, and mandatory passes, it becomes Difficult to meet in “real” life. So much so that dating sites have become a must to hope meet the soul mate.

The other side of the coin is that thousands of men and women enter into direct competition with you on the sites or apps dedicated to love. So how do you stand out and seduce the man or woman of your dreams? In the rest of this article, we are going to reveal to you no less than 19 techniques forhook funny to receive a maximum of answers from the members of dating sites.

Foreword on funny catchphrases

It’s important to recall, before continuing your reading, that these catchphrases must respect your personality as well as that of the person in front of you. The advantage of the internet is that you don’t risk suffering severe setbacks like in the real world. However, it is always necessary to take care to respect the other in his ideas and his opinions. Attention therefore not to commit the irreparable: racism, misogyny, etc. The important thing is to put the forms to what you are going to say.

On dating sites, do not hesitate to abuse smileys and other small ^^ to make it clear that you don’t take yourself seriously at all, and that you are acting at the 3000th degree. Even if the same person does not understand what you mean, do not hesitate to re-specify that it is about irony and other jokes.

In short, here 19 Funny Catchphrases to Use on a Dating Site :

1. Jokes to start a conversation

Some jokes should be used sparingly. Again, always respect the person in front of you.

“Do you know the difference between a Down Syndrome and a shrimp?

Response (to be given if the person reacts to your joke) You take your head off and everything else is good!”

“Mr and Mrs Caca have a son, what is his name? Answer: poo stanza (works if the girl or the guy likes stupid and absurd humor, type Mr Bean, the 11 commandments, etc.)

“Health, but not feet” (to be used on New Year’s Day, even if it’s completely cheesy)

2. Grade 1 motherfucker phrases

In this category, only high-flying seducers, endowed with a solid self-confidence can compete. Without getting slapped thanks to digital!

Here we enter the category of fdp sentences (we’ll let you guess the anagram).

« Damn, the more I drink, the hotter I get, and the prettier I find you looking at your photos! »

« My name is Patrick, but today you can just call me to fuck! »

« You’re round, but that doesn’t bother me, I like to milk cows like you »

3. “Cuckold” catchphrases

This is Commander Trotman. John Rambo reporting! Your mission will be to wear your c…. in love !

“If I guess where your profile picture was taken, I’ll offer you a 5-star restaurant”

« I saw you among all the others, and I thought it was and no other girl/guy »

“Let’s get out of this damn site together if you’ll give me your beauty”

“Your gaze bewitched me, and now I am trapped…Should I free myself from it?”

4. Funny phrases to seduce the chosen one of your heart

Works if the guy or the girl has humor and second degree.

“If beauty was a fighter plane, you would be a top gun pilot!”

“You are like an eraser that I need to erase the wounds in my life”

“Makeup takes you to a higher dimension that I want to enter with you”

5. Catchphrases of Desperation on Dating Sites

Here is the “lose” category. That of cardboard seducers, who chain storms upon storms and devastating hurricanes in the realm of love…

“I am ready to leave you the keys to my house if you take my burning heart of desire”

« I’m willing to bet for 50 € that you will put a strong wind on me »

« What can I do to seduce your beautiful eyes except turn into an Apollo? »

« Didn’t I see you at the supermarket thing this afternoon? »

To conclude on funny docking online

We have seen here five categories of catch phrases distinct ways to seduce on dating sites:

  • the comic/sulphurous jokes : to be used with caution depending on the person you have in front of you. The goal is not to hurt the other in their beliefs and values, but to make them have the best time possible.
  • motherfucker/bitch phrases : here, no place for compassion! You are all in humor, but you do not go there with the back of the spoon. Just tap with the front! This can work in some cases to seduce on dating sites…
  • the brave catchphrases : this category concerns soldiers of love. Men and women filled with audacity, and who will not hesitate to mortgage their home to seduce the desired being.
  • funny catchphrases : because humor remains an unstoppable weapon, all the more so when it is associated with light-heartedness (be careful, to be taken in the good sense of the term).
  • intro phrases for desperate for love : the category of dummies of seduction, who will throw all their forces into the battle to hope to obtain an answer from the man or the woman of their dream.

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