4 arguments for making love on the beach (& its risks)

This summer, you want to make love naked on the beach ? And suddenly you want to know if this is legal ? If there is a risk to your corps ? Also, would you like arguments in order to convince your companion ? In order to help you answer these questionsI wrote the article below, with the main arguments and a reminder of questions answers the most important for health.

Top 4 arguments for having sex on the beach (and its risks)

The best arguments of naked sex on the beachand finally, information on its risk to health.

  • 1. It’s romantic

Make love on the beach to a very side romantic. A walk by the water, the moonlight and the stars could have an effect romanesque about you and your partner. You will feel relaxed and probably excited. Moreover, the favor of the night might remove inhibitions. The coolness of the evening will contrast with the your body heat and the sound of the waves will perfectly accompany your jerky movements. If the fear of being discovered by intruders blocks you, the dunes can easily conceal you and shelter your antics.

  • 2. It’s a fantasy

Naked sex at the beach is a fantasy for many people. The very idea of ​​thinking about it, but also the fact of knowing that we can be discovered during the act causesexcitation a you desire. Some consider the beach to be an erotic place and making love there is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

  • 3. For the challenge

Making love on the beach can lead to a challenge fun and challenging between partners. As with the game “Cape or no cape? ! Meeting this kind of challenge would increase the complicity of the couple. It also adds some satisfaction of success for the person who took up the challenge, in addition to the pleasure provided during the sexual act.

  • 4. To break the routine

Making love at the beach is a great way to break the routine. Indeed, over time, it can settle in the couple a routine with sex. The positions vary less often and almost always take place in a bed, possibly in a car. It is then interesting to spice up your life as a couple by varying the pleasures and by making naked love on the beach, for example. It can also be an opportunity to test news positions and share a moment of complicity with your partner.

What are the risks ?

The first of them is the sable. It has the unfortunate tendency to interfere everywhere and your private parts are likely to experience it bitterly. Sand can cause infections and cuts. It also causes irritation and drying up skin and mucous membranes. You should also know that little beasts invisible to the naked eye live in the sand! A very large bath towel placed on the sand is a good solution to protect against unwanted small grains.

Watch out for sunburn & dehydration

If you decide to have sex on the beach during the day, the hottest hours are strongly not recommended. The dehydration and the Sun burn on sensitive areas are non-negligible risks that can spoil this very pleasant moment! Especially since a sunburn on the private parts can be very sore.


The second risk of making love on the beach ispenal order! It is a crime in France. Article 222-32 of the Criminal Code indicates a fine of 15,000 euros for sexual exhibition and this offense is also punishable by one year in prison.

For further : you can share your testimony about it in the comments below.

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