5 agencies that organize hikes for singles

5 agencies that organize hikes for singles

What we need to know here is that a hiking is a long walk or an activity that is practiced in the open air and whose route is slow. In European countries such as France, many people carry out hikes either in order to make new acquaintances, or in order to have fun and get a change of scenery. Therefore, if you also want to participate in a hiking in order to make new acquaintances and visit new places, so we offer you in this article 5 hiking agencies between singles:

1. The hiking agency Vacances-celibataires.net

During the holidays, this agence organizes activities between singles. Depending on your age, your tastes, your trip is well organized. This hiking trip is specially organized for single people, widowed people, people who are divorced. Here, therefore, you have several chances to meet a life partner and not go home alone. The particularity of this one is that it organizes trips only for young people, aged 18 to 25 years old. For single people aged 25 to 35 years old and for retirees. This agence often offers you hikes in Cape Verde, Reunion, Egypt etc.

2. Co travelers : les-covoyageurs.com

Co travelersthat’s all first travel agency 100% reserved for singles. Here you can share your vacation with several other singles. With this agency, you can make hikes in several countries like South America, Africa, Asia, the Mediterranean, France etc And even better, you can share pleasant moments of hikes with singles. With this agency, you finally have the opportunity to discover new horizons that you can of course share with singles. This agency organizes not only hikes but also many activities that you can share with others singles. She also offers singles weekends. This activity was set up to promote conviviality between travellers, and also between the agency and travellers.

3. Chamina trip : https://www.chamina-voyages.com/

Chamina Voyages is a travel agency which allows you to make hikes. She invites you to discover several places by making hikes in several different countries. Note that it is already more 35 years old what this agency was set up, which means that it therefore has enough experience to organize good hikes and make you spend very pleasant moments with singles. This agency offers its clients to make hikes with a guide or to do it alone, in complete freedom. In addition, it provides its customers with more than 550 circuits from cycling and/or walking, that said, the customer only has to make his choice.

To contact Chamina travel in order to have more information about it or to book a trip to the country of your choice then, you can call the following number: 04 66 69 00 44

4. The Chemin de France hiking agency

It’s is a travel agency who was born in 2001 and who works in the organization of hiking (France, Europe, Morocco, Chemins de St Jacques de Compostelle, and other themed paths). This very dynamic team, with the experience it has acquired over more than 20 years oldshe perfectly masters the organization of a hike. Chaired by Brigitte Hughet, the latter will be assisted by a co-manager called Cecile Catube from 2017

Brigitte’s contact:

Tel: + 33 (0)5 59 21 37 57


Cecile’s contact:


5. The hiking agency Alibert Trekking www.allibert-trekking.com

Created in 1975, this agence French bears the name of its creator, Alibert. The latter is called Philippe Alibert and he ran it with his wife named Simone. High mountain guides, these will associate with Jeff Tripard and Jean Luc Poulat in 1977. Ensemble, this agency will organize draws (type of hiking) as well as expeditions around the world. They will know a real success, because per year, they will organize more 30 hikings with 300 clients. This agency propose several treks like the mythical parks of the West, the Annapurna, hikes in France etc. With so much success, the agency can now hold more than 1500 hikes per year and in several different countries. Due to its many successes, it is the very first agency that has been ATR certified (towards responsible tourism)

In conclusion, we were able to see presenting several travel agencies which organize hikes between single people, and which, through their expertise, are able to make customers who have reserved places in the various agencies have a pleasant time. As an agency, we have the Co travelers, chamina travel, Alibert Trekking, the path of France, single travel. The advantage when you make the decision to choose a agence of travel to make a hiking, then you only have to worry about the effort you need to put in to do your hiking. In other words, instead of worrying about your accommodation, your meal and your itinerary, you can therefore hike in total comfort.

The material to be provided

To practice a hiking, it is necessary to wear a pair of sneakers, shorts and you must also have a bag in which you can put your caste crust and a bottle of water to refresh yourself, without forgetting sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun . There are several types of hiking, namely: hiking, snowshoeing, ski touring, fast hiking and trekking. Generally, we see families who decide to make a hiking whole. However, there are agencies which aim to organize hikes for singles so that they can meet people of the opposite sex with whom to exchange and get closer.

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