5 messages to convince a woman for a sex date

You want to convince a woman (or a man) to become your planner ? Here are the funniest messages to use

Examples of SMS to convince a woman to sleep with you

You have met a woman you like, but you do not want a serious relationship, and you only want a light relationship, gender-based. In this case, here some posts that you can use, in order to try to convince your target. The goal is to convince her, in all good, all honor.

Messages to Send to Get a One Night Stand

Already, do not feel guilty, because it is normal to want tenderness, and sexual relations, but be aware that the person must be informed of your intentions. here are some sample messages to send to convince a woman to sleep with you:

The message « my neighbors are making noise » and I need help

You can try to be funny, while coming up with an unlikely excuse so that she agrees to receive you at her home.

My neighbor started playing the flute. Can I come and take refuge with you?

The SMS « I’m afraid of the dark » and I want to come and sleep with you

Still on the same line, you can try to soften him by playing the little child. Some women may be sensitive, some may not, but either way, ask her clearly if she’s okay with you spending the night with her.

I’m afraid of the dark, when I’m alone, and night will soon fall.

Can I come face the night with you?

You will comfort me.

Texting « I can’t sleep alone » and joining you would cure me

You can play her lover, and tell her that resting by her side would be perfectly beneficial to your well-being. Women could be sensitive to this prose. Obviously, you have to be in a process of seduction, and not send this kind of messages, without having already tried to flirt with her beforehand.

Right now, I’m really having trouble sleeping.

But I know if I’m next to you… I’ll sleep better.

Do you agree to try?

The message « I have a headache » and you can cure me

Finally a probable excuse. You ask for his help to solve an important problem. Of course, she will suspect something is wrong, but she won’t feel like she’s tarnishing her reputation by agreeing to welcome you, since it’s a matter of curing your headache!

I have a headache

It is 10 p.m., all the pharmacies are closed.

Can I come to your place to take a Doliprane?

The SMS “the mattress test” while sleeping at home

Finally, an unlikely text message that will probably confuse her… especially since you know nothing about her bedding. Anyway, this punchline will have the merit of surprising her, in order to… perhaps make her laugh, and spend a night… seeing all of life in her bed!

I saw you bought a new mattress from Ikea

And I would like to buy the same one, but it would be my pleasure to test it before.

Can I come and sleep at your place to try it out?

How to convince a woman to sleep at his place?

here are some tips to follow to respect the woman, and at the same time, manage to convince her to come and sleep with you, one night time.

  • We advise you not to be authoritarian
  • For example: “Come to my house! Right away. »
  • A woman is free, and will not respond to your orders.
  • You have to convince her subtly, not coercion and violence.
  • Don’t say “my girlfriend has left, I have the apartment free”.
  • Nobody likes to be the replacement,
  • And you will give the impression of making a choice by default.
  • You have to convince with your humor and your subtlety.
  • Send a text message cash, of the type « you are good, I like you ».
  • Women get 100 such comments a day
  • And that’s not going to convince them.

How to meet a woman who can become your dating plan?

If you are at looking for a wife with which you can have sexual relations over time (a plan-ass), you can opt for specialized dating sites. The two industry leaders are Wyld et Jacquie and Michel Dating, who have imposed themselves on the sector of the libertine meeting, between adults wish to have relations between them. both sites have over 5M visitors per month. Smaller site, there are NousLibertins, PlaceLibertine and PlaisirExpress, although we do not recommend them less than the two mentioned above.

You may also want to become a Sugar Daddy, et have a Sugar Baby by your side. Ce new type of relationship allows you to have the advantages of a male/female relationship, while each having their freedom. The Sugar Daddy phenomenon is booming in France, with many women looking for a protector.

Finally, you can also turn to more general sites.. like Meetic, Tilt, HugAvenue.. but you are likely to come across girls who want serious relationships.

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