5 reasons to convince your wife to practice sodomy

5 reasons why convince his wife practicing sodomy

Sodomy, or anal penetration, is inserting the penis into the anus and rectum… When there is introduction of a sex toy in the anus of his partner, we can also speak of anal penetration; in the case of a hetero couple, it is indifferently the man or the woman who takes care of the buttocks of his partner.

  • How to convince his wife to let herself be sodomized?

It’s here question that comes up most often… The strict, politically correct and rational answer is: there is nono way to convince her.

If she doesn’t like it and she don’t feel like it, you can’t convince her. This choice should be everyone’s freedom, and a person should not be forced to accept, otherwise it is rape. If your partner feels, even unconsciously, that you find this degrading, it is absolutely natural that she refuses.

If those beliefs aren’t stated, neither will the real reasons for denial, and you can spend years in great, fruitless intellectual debates. From a point of view more psychologicalwhen your partner absolutely refuses a practice, it is often because there is a deeper issue than that of the act.

Sodomy also involves power games and domination.

  • Pleasure is almost guaranteed

The taboos in matters of sexuality are made to be bypassed. The secret of a fulfilling sexuality is to vary the pleasures. Well excited, the girl can get off just as quickly as a boy… The gentle, more uncertain method obeys the same principle: only the direct experience of pleasure can make him change his mind, and help him free himself from irrational fears and prejudices.

Knowing your own bodys is the essential basis for a fulfilling sexuality and the development of your talent to give pleasure. Whether you want to give or receive sodomy, these experiences will be of great use to you. They will teach you what reactions you can provoke in the other.

L’orgasm anal is most likely to induce one of those infamous post-orgasmic sobbing fits… in both a woman and a man.

  • More intimacy in the couple

Receiving anal sex is the climax of receptivity. It is a question of opening up at the most intimate level. The anus is the most secret part of the body, the one that is never shown to anyone, that‘we don’t even look at ourselves. You only vaguely become aware of it in the solitude of a tiny bathroom.

From a point of view physiologicalthe anal mucosa is single cell, and therefore the thinnest of the whole body (including the vaginal wall). For all these reasons, sodomy is the most intimate and upsetting sexual exchange, psychologically and physiologically. She is of one extreme emotional intensity.

  • More Intensity in the Report

The point G isn’t the only way to have vaginal pleasure, but it’s been touted as the scientific source vaginal pleasure that it might confuse some people.

Vaginal orgasm is actually a uterine orgasm : that is why it is described as much deeper. The orgasm caused by the G-spot, although causing sensations completely new and unique, is of intermediate intensity, between the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal one. The vaginal/uterine orgasm is what is described as a ground swell…

Or la penetration anal sex, given the angle of the rectum, would stimulate the cervix more easily than the G-spot, from behind… even more deeply! The wall that separates the vagina from the rectum. Very fine and sensitive, is also a source of intense pleasure.

  • Few health risks

In anal sex, the condom ensures excellent health safety and no longer requires any laborious changes during the action, regardless of the lavished caresses. It can stay in place long enough for several successive penetrations during the same report (however it cannot be reused).

Note that there is no medical contraindication to (reasonably) practice sodomy, for people in good health.

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