6 facts to better understand female ejaculation

6 information to better understand female ejaculation

The female sex remains mysterious because by nature it is hide from view. Find out all about female ejaculation and squirting women.

  • Origin of “fountain woman”

The picture of the fontaine is that of an endless flow, abundant, without restraint, without variation. While an ejaculation is on the contrary short, under pressure, jerky, in contrition. The only positive element in the use of this term is that it recalls pure water, nor colored and fragrant urine.

  • The composition of the ejaculate

For the moment, the medicine has not yet been able to answer clearly. Some research has led to the hypothesis that theejaculated would be composed of a part of the liquid produced by the paraurethral glands, and other part of a kind of « pre urine » clear due to dysfunction of the urinary tract duringorgasm. But this is all just speculation…

  • G-spot, P-spot and female ejaculation

A priori the women all have a female prostate and are all in anatomical ability to ejaculate.

At the menthe prostate massage can cause some pleasure. Hence the recent appearance of sex-toys masculins called « special point P » to be inserted into the anus. Point P is the « point prostate ».

The men who have practice annals (whether heterosexual or homosexual) have long understood that sodomy and other practices of the same nature could stimulate their prostate and thus trigger a additional enjoyment that women cannot know.

In L’anatomy feminine, it is possible that it is this prostate massage at the level of the G-spot that triggers vaginal-dominant orgasms and ejaculations.

To find out more, you can also watch this video made by a sex therapist:

  • Female ejaculation from an anatomical point of view

If female ejaculation is not a myth, what is the anatomical explanation?

The liquid is produced by paraurethral glands (located on either side of the urethra) also called glands of Skene (named after American gynecologist Alexandre JC Skene).

These glands make up a female prostate, sort of equivalent to the atrophic state of the male prostate. Women, like men, would ejaculate thanks to the existence of a « mini prostate » weighing approximately five grams, i.e. one fifth of male prostate weight (nearly twenty-five grams).

Despite this difference of cut, these two prostates would be structured in the same way. The female prostate is located along theurethra, probably near the sensitive area known as the « G-spot ». The functioning of this prostate is the same as in men : production of the ejaculate, routing by canals, and expulsion by the urethra.

Female ejaculation often occurs by excitement of clitoris. The clitoris, made up of erectile tissue, is one of the personal accessories that makes it easier to reach orgasm in the world, sometimes even without direct stimulation.

It is made up of two parts: the external part, the glans of the clitoris is of a size ranging from three to six millimeters at rest, and up to ten millimeters in a state of excitement. The glans is covered with the  » cap » ; This external part is located at the upper junction point of the two nymphs, « at the top » of the small slit, when a woman looks at herself standing in front of a mirror.

  • What’s the use of ejaculating?

Female ejaculation makes it possible to bodily express the attack from a climax that groans are no longer enough to express. It is the manifestation of a pleasure so powerful that it exceeds.

Beyond extraordinary pleasure physique that this brings, it is also a gigantic psychological satisfaction within the loving couple, whether heterosexual or lesbian. The partner, when he/she is made aware beforehand of the existence of this phenomenon in his/her partner, is generally delighted with this physical manifestation of the female orgasm.

  • The post-ejaculatory phase:

A series of contractions and relaxations of the muscles of the perineum and vagina, separated by a duration of approximately 0.9 seconds. A few seconds before this series of contractions, the pleasure invades the whole body.

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