7 breakup messages to break up your partner

You wish break your your boyfriend, and you want to do it with class. here are examples of breakup messages that you can use.

7 breakup messages to break up with your partner (= separation)

here are some sample messages that you can send to let your partner know that you want end the relationship unite you. In order to answer the question how to break up with your boyfriend / girl by SMS, know that we will try both to be funny and effective, without calling for a negotiation, or an answer, on the side of your interlocutor / rice. Know how to be firm, and get your message across with clarity.

SMS of breakups « in song »

You can try breaking up by referencing the world’s most famous breakup song:

Do you know the song: Caprii?


Ben, between us, it’s like Capri, it’s over.

The case message « with implication »

You can choose the approach to be cash, without going through four paths, and tell him the procedure to follow:

Are you going home to pick up all your stuff? I put everything in a plastic bag, placed in front of my door.

Text message to separate in “change status” mode

You don’t want to hurt him too much, and try not to make him lose face. In this case, you can offer him to become friends.

We remain friends ?

SMS « my mother » wants us to separate

You can try using a third-party excuse to justify a separation, such as it being from one of your parents.

My mother doesn’t like you at all, and doesn’t want us to see each other anymore. I agree with his decision.

The « I cheated on you » message

You have made a mistake, and you wish to inform him in order to force the separation. You have the right to send an SMS.

I cheated on you with my history geography teacher… I wouldn’t be able to look you in the face anymore… so you’ll understand that we’re leaving it at that.

The text message “balance of any account” to separate

You want to indicate your separation by the fact that he / she owes you money, and business, and that it will be necessary to settle the situation in order to leave.

I owed you 20 euros. I’ll pay you back, and we part with square accounts, because good accounts make good friends.

The separation SMS in “I changed my sexuality” mode »

Always in order not to make him lose face, you can tell him that you have changed your sexuality, and that you want to be with the same person of the same sex. He can do absolutely nothing.

Being in a relationship made me realize that I would rather be with a woman. You can’t do anything about it.

What behavior to adopt during a breakup?

If you want end your romantic relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and you don’t know how to go about it, and you want to do it remotely, we advise you to follow the following tips:

  • Already, you can use the « cowardly » strategy, that is to say no longer answer, nor no longer write to your boyfriend/girlfriend. After a few days, he should begin to suspect that it smells scorched, and may suggest that you end the relationship on his own, and then, bingo, you will have won, without having to do the first step.
  • You have every right to use SMS, if you have less than 6 months of relationship.
  • If you are older than 6 months, we recommend calling the person, but the end result will be the same.
  • You can keep a sense of humor.
  • Keep a distance, and don’t show too much empathy.
  • Don’t give the illusion that you can get back together.
  • And know that you remain free of your body, free to stay or leave your partner.
  • Don’t blame yourself.

What not to say during a breakup?

You will probably try to talk too much, in order to lessen the pain of your ex, but know that it is better not to say too much, otherwise you will find it even more difficult to get rid of your ex… he/she will try to fight, to argue…so, here are some points not to mention during a breakup.

  • Saying that you don’t want to be in a relationship, because he will probably dream of you a few days later, hand in hand, with another person on the street.
  • Saying you’re perfect, you didn’t have to do anything more… Obviously, if the person was really perfect, you wouldn’t try to get rid of them.
  • To say that I hope you find someone who will be a better match for you… or who will be better than me… because his choice was not to leave you, and you were a perfect match for him, so no need to take out the violin, and to say such nonsense. It won’t ease his pain any more.
  • Say that you remain available, if your ex needs you, and that you will always be there for him. Already, it’s wrong, since you probably won’t want to cheer him up, but above all, it won’t help him cut the umbilical cord. Thus, it is better that he/she can distance himself as quickly as possible.
  • Say you like the person, and want to stay friends. It’s wrong, since you don’t like her enough to stay with her, and so you don’t get that much pleasure from seeing her, and above all, it’s going to hurt your partner, because he might try to get away with it. use this presence to win you back.

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If you have some questions techniques on how to end a relationship (via a text breakup), you can ask them in the comments below:

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