7 compliments on the physique that make women happy

7 compliments on the physique that make women happy

In this article, you will discover 9 compliments which will allow you to seduce any femme. To compliment a woman is the most technical efficient to let her know that you are attracted to her. You have to do a compliment which rings « true », be original and honest at the same time;

  • Compliment 1: “You have very nice legs”

Women like to feel wanted. The fairer sex gives importance to all parts of their corps, including ankles and wrists. Indeed, these parts play an important role in the beauty of the woman. Finally, women are very careful about their buttocks and their legs, so as not to gain too much weight, and to remain slender.

  • Compliment 2: « Your hair is beautiful »

Complimenting a woman is giving a positive message to get his attention. “Your hair is bewitching”, “You have the best hair in the world! These are examples of compliments that all women love to hear. The hair are a major asset of seduction. So don’t hesitate to bet on compliments originals which refer to the beauty of her hair.

  • Compliment 3: « I’m lost in your eyes »

By saying this sentence, you make tribute to the beauty of her eyes. All women put on make-up to highlight their seduction : the eyes. So, do not hesitate to take out your artist’s soul and to make original compliments on the shape, color, size of his eyes!

  • Compliment 4: “You have a perfectly: harmonious figure”

With this compliment, you pay homage to the beauty of her whole body. Remember that women make an effort to have a corps mannequin and wears clothes sexy to highlight their shapes.

  • Compliment 5: « Your lips are the sweetest »

To prove that you pay attention to the smallest details you have to pay attention to the mouth, the color and the shapes of the lips. always choose your words with delicacy to seduce her. To be used only as part of a offensive and direct seduction, in which you are only looking for sex, and so is she. Otherwise, it could be counterproductive.

  • Compliment 6: « I love your complexion which is really radiant »

“Your skin is so soft, it feels like stroking silk…” To compliment the color and look of her skin. Don’t forget that women give a particular importance to their faces. Indeed, the face is the mirror of the soul. You can also compliment her cheeks: « You still have your little rosy cheeks, two little candy apples I’d like to bite into. » »

  • Compliment 7: « Your smile could light up the bottom of the ocean »

It’s to compliment not only her smile, but also the beauty that emanates from her when she smiles. You can also add “You have a renaissance beauty”! Complimenting a woman you just met is not going to increase her level of interest for you, unless you do it the right way.

  • Last advice for your compliments to a woman.

In general, it is necessary avoid compliments on sexual areas, of the « buttocks and breasts » type, because the woman doing it might think that you are only interested in her sexual attractiveness! However, you must have attraction for the person, what she releases, what she is, and not because she is only sexy.

If you want to compliment a woman, tell her what you really think and express yourself correctly et naturally.

All the women want to feel wantedso what are you waiting for to try your luck?

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