7 funny messages to say that you want a serious relationship

You have someone in mind, and you would like to make him understand that you want a serious relationship ? You don’t just wanna be a flirt or one ass plan ? Here is the procedure to follow, in order to do it in a funny way.

Make it clear that you want a serious relationship.

You love your partner, and you would like a serious relationship with her/him, and you would like to confirm that this is also the case on his/her side. Another point, a relationship purely based on sex is not suitable for you, and you would like to discuss this point with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You may need to put it in writing because you don’t think your lover necessarily feels the same way you do. And you wish have a clean heart by message. You are right.

Examples of messages to make it clear that you want a serious relationship

here are some sample messages that you can use to make it clear that you want a serious relationship, and not light and fickle.

Example of “unsubscribe from Meetic” messages

Already, you can start telling him that you want an exclusive relationship, and that you no longer want him to meet new people through dating website.

It tells you that at 3, we unsubscribe from Meetic ?

1,2 et 3 !

SMS « I project myself » and I wish a serious relationship

You can indicate (via humor) that you project yourself with the person, but it shouldn’t be smothering, just subdue him via humor. Example :

There’s a half-price membership for 2-person gym memberships.

Do you think we will benefit from it one day?

Texting “I plan on having a weekend” in love mode

If the relationship is new, and you just caught yourself on Tinder, you can start by making small projects, with a horizon of one month. This will want to imply that you do not intend to end the relationship overnight, and that at the very least, you want an ongoing relationship. Thus, the fact of putting an activity in a month shows your desire to make the relationship last, and is not very engaging. For instance :

Ryanair makes a hot offer for a departure to Milan in 1 month.

Do you know this city?

Message « take the STD test » to stay together and protect yourself

The fact of having sexual relations without protecting yourself signals the fact that you want an exclusive relationship, without making mistakes, and thus being faithful. It also indicates that you want a serious relationship, without necessarily approaching it stricto-censu. Thus, you can approach sexuality to signify your desire to establish a relationship over time.

My doctor offers me a self-test for STDs.

Can I get you one too?

The SMS « we sleep at the other »

The fact of installing your belongings at your partner’s house, and even more, of planning to buy specific bathroom items there marks your attachment, and your desire to have a lasting relationship. You can use this axis to make it clear that you want a serious relationship.

Got a great deal on a 2 pack of toothbrushes.

That way you can use yours when you come to my house.

Text « your name in my mailbox »

There, it is not a question of putting the name of your date on your mailbox, but of making him react in order to see his reaction, and to understand thus if he wants a serious relationship, or if he rejects directly the idea of ​​a union in time. This is a survey, while expressing a desire (under the humorous line) to want to be in a relationship with the person.

By dint of seeing you come to sleep with me, my concierge asks me if she should put your name on the mailbox.

Message « evening together » in love mode

Here, in a tone of humor, you can offer him an evening in 100% boxed mode, and thus see his reaction. If he reacts positively, it is rather that he/she will like being alone with you, and that he/she will rather want a relationship that lasts.

Are you up for watching love is in the meadow together Monday night?

(This is a 100% broken couple show).

How do you make it clear that you want a long-term relationship?

Here is some tips to respect, and above all a list of things not to do, so as not to scare your partner, but also to make him understand that you want a serious relationship. We also give you below some examples of counter-productive attitudes, and in which you should not go.

  • Don’t, play the cops
  • For example: “What did you do last night? »
  • What not to do, play inspector derrick
  • Like “how many times have you cheated on me? « .
  • Not yet texting to introduce family too quickly
  • Example “Would you like to come and have lunch with my uncle and my aunt? « .
  • Do not show the person on social networks
  • Example “How about we get together on Facebook? « .
  • Or, send heady messages
  • For example “can you tell me that you love me? « .
  • It is necessary to suggest the fact that the couple is serious, without imposing it.
  • Either way, you can’t coerce his will.
  • Time makes a relationship develop naturally.

How to meet a man who wants a serious relationship?

If with all these tips, you can’t get a serious relationship, and your partner makes you understand it, we advise you to turn your way. Indeed, it is more difficult to change someone’s route and find a new person who wants to take the same route as you. Thus, if you want a long term relationship for a lasting couple who can lead to marriage, see to have children, it is better to start looking on dating sites that are favorable to these unions. Thus, exit from Wyld or some AdoptAGuy, where you are likely to find men attracted to one-night stands. We advise you to prefer rather platforms like EliteRencontre, Edarling, see Meetic, in which you will find moremen and women who are ready to commit over time.

If you have some technical questions on « how to make it clear that you want a serious relationship »you can ask them in the comments below.

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