7 messages to see an ex again (and win her back by SMS).

7 messages to see an ex again (and win her back by SMS).

Looking to resume contact with an ex ? We have the right strategy! And especially, some examples of messageswhich you can try, in order to convince your ex to stand out with you !

Examples of messages to see an ex again

Whether you had a brief relationship, a few days before leaving for 6 months on Erasmus, or a really consummate relationship, but whose story unfortunately ended badly, know that there is still hope to win back an ex. In this case, you can contact her again by message, in order to propose to her to see you again, and to try to reconnect, by being face to face, thanks to the complicity and the attraction that united you. In this article you will find a series of tips to be continued.

What messages to send to win back an ex?

We give you below some sample messages that you can use to be able to win back an ex by message (aka SMS), and give you the best chance that she wants to see you again.

Examples of messages to win back an ex “guardian of the goldfish”

You can try to use a third-party excuse to see each other. It can work.

Okay, we’ve stopped seeing each other, but what about our goldfish?

Example of SMS to revive an ex « you tried to reach me »

You haven’t received any message from him, but you can pretend that you have, in order to find an excuse to renew the link.

Yes hello ?

Did you try to call me?

.. non.

Well, that’s too bad, because I would like to see you again.

Text to see an ex again, in « I’m checking in on your family » mode

You can show that you are a caring, attentive person by checking in on their family. This question could revive the discussion.

As I remember, your sister had to pass her medical examination.


And she got it? (And then move on to a conversation.)

The message “I just found one of your things”

Do you remember your ex-girlfriend losing a particular case? Well, let him know you’ve probably found him! An opportunity to meet again.

You’ll laugh, but I just found your favorite that you were looking for everywhere.

Owl !

I’ll drop by tomorrow night?

The SMS for his ex in “big surprise” mode

You can try to scare her, by suggesting that you got pregnant from this person. She should answer!

Oh, I forgot to mention it, I should be a dad soon.

Oh yeah??

Well, we broke up 9 months ago, and I thought you had gained weight.


Yes, but it would have made me super happy to be the father of a little one with you.

Oh, too cute.

The text “see you again, in friends mode”

Without going into the friendzone, try to find a bogus excuse to see each other again, and then flirt with the person when you see each other again.

Hello, How about seeing you again? But just as friends.

Okay, that would make me happy!

(And there, you take advantage of this reunion to recreate romantic ties).

The message “survey on my exes”.

I organize a big consultation with my exes, in order to know what they thought of me, and to have feedback, in order to improve myself.

Available to discuss it over a drink?

Advice on the content of the win-back message to send

Here are some tips to follow to respect your exbut at the same time make him want to see you again:

  • Do not send a message boat or too general.
  • Ban “how are you? or “what are you becoming”?
  • In these 2 cases, you have an 80% chance of not having an answer.
  • If you’ve disappeared from his radar, you have to come back with flying colors
  • Use surprise, but above all humor!
  • Above all, try to show that you have changed over time.
  • That you have taken in qualities and matured.
  • You have to arouse curiosity, so that she wants to see you again.
  • You can also use the technique of seeing each other again in friends mode, and then using the time spent together, to win her back.
  • Find out well in advance to verify that she is single!
  • And if with advice you stay single, you can go to the list of 118 dating sites in France.

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