7 signs you’re in a toxic relationship

7 signs that you are in a relation toxic

The toxic relationship it is the opposite of a healthy relationship. Toxicity is everywhere today, whether in the private or professional life. Generally, unhealthy attitudes appear gradually. It is necessary to recognize the signs of one toxic relationship to be able to act quickly.

  • 1. Doubt

Doubt is a first indication of a toxic relationship. You suspect what the other is telling you and constantly repeat it to you. You often spend your time analyze his words and his behavior. Usually the person you tried to make it all clear with, once you need them, they turns his back on you, she goes away and when she comes back she starts to you criticizeeven to you insult.

  • 2. The relational cut

Toxic relationships cause a feeling of stress, guilt, permanent anxiety. That relation destructive isolates you from the world, of your family and friends. You will have understood it, the relational cut is one of the main signs of a toxic relationship.

  • 3. Emotional instability

The doubt of his abilities installs in a toxic relationship a emotional instability (development of negative thoughts, lack of self-confidence, uncertainty, etc.).

  • 4. Wanting to be right at all costs

This is what marks the majority of toxic people! The therapists agree to recognize that very often, in a couple, the two people keep certain reasons for disagreement throughout their life, it is completely normal. But if they argue for any reason, let him mocks from each other and that there is humiliationso we speak of a emotional abuse and one toxic atmosphere.

There indeed, there is a big difference between respect the feelings and opinions of the other and to calmly ask them to change what they think and do. criticizeof devalue and to judge his thoughts and behavior all the time.

  • 5. You are always criticized

Instead of arguing with you about facts, we judge permanently and you are given a label. The sentences of toxic people often begin with  » TU plus the adverbs “always, never, again”.

  • 6. No respect for you and your efforts

here is the type Phrases that toxic, manipulative, and perverted people may utter:

  • “Why do you want to run? »
  • “Why do you want to realize your dream? »
  • “You can do it another day. »
  • “It’s not your time. »
  • “There will always be time, don’t rush. »
  • « Why are you going if there is no reward? » »
  • “Why are you trying so hard, if there is no reward or gain? »
  • 7. You are victims of abuse

The abuse can be of different types:

  • The physical abuse : any physical contact against your will, the treatment of a partner as an object, the obligation to have sex when you don’t want to etc…
  • The mental abuse : Control and intimidation (deny your minimum rights, limit your field of action, follow, spy and monitor your activities etc…)
  • The emotional abuse : scaring you, acting cruelly towards you, blackmailing etc.

If the people around you or with whom you are involved behave in this way, then know that you are in a toxic relationship!

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