7 tips for a painless first anal sex

7 tips for a painless first anal sex

The sodomy receptive is an exercise in total giving. She asks a lot trustin the other and in oneself. For a first sodomy painlessfollow these tips !

  • 1. The preliminaries

As a general rule, the stimulation of a erogenous zone cold is unpleasant and painful, whatever it is: it is only ever a question of a specially rich in nerve endings, and pleasure depends more on desire than on a mechanical stimulus. This is even truer when it comes to an unexplored erogenous zone.

The preliminaries are very important to relax your partner. Kiss her back, her buttocks, turn her around and continue with an intimate massage… It’s most women’s favorite foreplay, and many say they’d be happy with just that one caress when done right.

  • 2. Lubrication

The anus, unlike the vagina, produces no natural lubrication. The use of a suitable lubricant is therefore essential. Some use edible oils, even butter or margarine, although this is not necessarily the most hygienic, and even downright medically inadvisable.

The vaselinequite popular, has the disadvantage of rub more, and promote germs. It is also formally not recommended for vaginal penetration…

The cosmetic oils (sweet almond oil, argan) are very pleasant, sensual and fragrant, but this whole category of fatty lubricants has a major drawback: they damage latex. They are therefore not compatible with condoms and other protections, and they will damage your sex toys.

The ideal is to invest in a water-based or water-soluble intimate lubricating gel. And made for the purpose of that use

  • 3. Preparation with a sex toy

It’s hard to deal with anal pleasure without looking into the many sex toys offered to enhance or guide the experience. The use of these gadgets makes it possible to prepare the body to anal penetration and reduce pain.

They can help prepare the terrain.. in order to have less pain during the act.

Sex toys still have undeniable advantages: some of their functions cannot objectively not be reproduced by a human body. Top-of-the-range models with intense vibrations, or motorized rotations… The use of these sexual accessories can also unleash the imagination.

  • 4. The sensual massage

The massage is a good way to relax your partner. The wife will also be alanguie and in a trust feeling after a sensual massage, thus physically and mentally ready for the sodomy. You have to take the time to touchand let theexcitation.

  • 5. Stimulation of the erogenous zones

An erogenous zone is an area which gives birth to desire. There are two types of erogenous zones: primary and secondary.

  • The secondary erogenous zones are the regions of the skin or of a mucous membrane the excitation of which triggers the excitation of the primary erogenous zones. They also participate in sexual pleasure intensifying the excitement and preparing the body for sodomy. In fact, the whole body can become erogenousevery centimeter of skin whose sensitivity has been worked on or invested with an emotional or erotic charge.
  • The primary erogenous zones are those whose stimulation can cause a orgasm. The vulva, vagina and clitoris are usually listed in women.
  • 6. Preparation of the anal area

All the zone anal – external and internal – is very richly vascularized and innervated, as are the genitals. And in fact, it’s a erogenous zone much more complete than the others, and which offers a wide range of intense feelings.

The internal nerve endings of the rectum specifically pick up feelings of pressure and distention. The external nerve endings – of the anal canal and the anus – capture sensations of friction and temperature, hence the importance of exciting this area with fingers or with sex toys.

  • 7. Withdrawal

The time of withdrawal deserves as much attention and gentleness as the introduction… If you remove too abruptly, you may cause an uncertain life and/or injury. Slowly pull out your cock, fingers, or whatever. Withdraw so that the corps can return to its natural state.

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