7 tips for cheating on your wife without getting caught

7 tips for cheating on your wife without getting caught

Lack of attention, lack of understanding, lack of communication or even disappearance of the attraction of the first days…So many reasons that push many men to cheat on their wife. In some cases, many of them are rather attracted by the fact of having a new experience or an experience different from what they live in their couple.

Nowadays, cheating on his wife is a common practice of many men, so the real question that many women ask themselves is how do you find the faithful man, except that, this n That’s not what this article will be about.

For you lovers of risk and thrills, for you men in couples wishing to embark on new experiences, discover the 7 tips made for you, if you want to cheat on your wife. But keep in mind that being unfaithful is not an easy job, and that it is not a question here of encouraging it but of bringing you some tips to follow if you feel like cheating on your wife.

1- Be discreet

You have to pay attention to what you do, at places where you meet the woman you are cheating on your wife with. The places where you have your habits and where you know the employees, avoid going there because you cannot know whether or not the people who work in these places where you have your habits will not be the first to raise with of your wife the fact that you are dating another woman.

2- Be careful who you cheat on your wife with

This criterion, we do not often talk about it but it is nevertheless of great importance. Indeed, it is very important for you to pay attention to the woman who you cheat on your wife with. It is vital that this one knows that she does not have the 1time place in your life as your wife and that maybe she will never have one, so you will have been clear with her, and you will not be the victim of blackmail. Also, you have to watch out for women with an out-of-control or fiery personality, because you will find it difficult to channel or control this type of woman, and at all times you will be concerned that she may any moment denounce your adventure. As a result, it is essential to make your choice well, so as not to be the victim of your crime.

3- Be yourself

Many men when they start cheating on their wives, become distant, change their habitsbecome other people, and that’s when your wife can realize that something has changed, and maybe you’ve met a new woman. So you have to be yourself, and not to change your habits, even if the one with whom you are cheating on your wife lets you know that she prefers that you dress differently, or even that you change your hairstyle. It will be up to you to reassure this woman with whom you are cheating on your wife and to let her know that the future of what you are going through depends on it enormously and that you cannot afford to give give indices that will bring your hidden story to light.

4- Deny like a tooth-puller

If despite all your attempts to be yourselfyour wife begins to ask you questions about the possibility of infidelity on your part, LIE, deny everything. Because as many series of lawyers point out, « A lawyer does not ask questions to which he has no answers », and so if your wife makes you believe or asks you if your change of habits is related to the fact that you could deceive her, deny, deny and deny again, because most of the time these women have no proof of your crime , and simply want to play on your psychology, and if you give in for fear of hurting your wife, or for lack of self-control, be sure, it will be the end of your relationship.

5- Reserve a precise and discreet means of communication

One of the mistakes that many men make, and well, is that of exchanging messages with other women on their personal telephone, when they are looking for an extra marital and libertine relationship, forgetting that often women are a little paranoid. , and once they have doubts about you, they do not hesitate to spy on all the acts and gestures that you will pose and what better to have evidence of your guilt as your phone ? Especially when we know the place that mobile phones occupy nowadays. As a result, you will benefit from having another telephone, or another means of communication with which you can reach the woman with whom you are cheating on your wife, otherwise it is clear that your story will be revealed or your wife will find out. .

6- The family home is not the place where you should receive the woman with whom you cheat on your wife

Even if you are cheating on your wife, you should at least have some respect for her, and for what you have built together, and that is why it is not advisable at all to receive your mistress in the family home and even worse, in the bed that your wife and you share, it is a very big proof of lack of respect, and it will give the impression to your mistress that she has a certain superiority about your wife.

7- Finally, act with intelligence

Finally, you must know that the outcome of your deception will depend on you, and therefore know that everything is in your hands. For your story to start and end smoothly, keep in mind that you must have control over all your actions and especially over your emotions. The relationship you are living is a passing fancy, which has a limited duration and therefore it is not in your interest to fall in love. You must not get carried away by your feelings, and therefore you will have to regulate the frequency with which you see your mistress.

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