7 tips for flirting with a complicated girl

7 tips for flirting with a complicated girl

Among the many questions about the world of seductionone of the most popular is how to flirt with a girl difficile. The kind of girl who usually has a nice temper that’s not really easy to deal with, is moody, is  » selective and leaves you with a very (but really!) very small margin of error. Anyway, today I want to give you several tips, strategies and precautions that can help you understand how hit on; trying to seduce a difficult girl. In detail, in this article I will provide you with 7 useful tips to be able to conquer a girl who is difficult and not the most approachable. I hope they will be useful to you and I congratulate you onadvance if you want to get into this business. On the other hand, we know that the most difficult challenges are the most stimulants.

in short, here 7 tips for flirting with a complicated girl :

1. Get her attention

It’s the first phrase and perhaps the trickiest. First, given how difficult the girl is, it will be you (as is almost always the case) who will take the first step to getting to know her.

Maybe use an opening phrase intelligent as an opinion on the context you are in and start talking to him. During the interaction, try to maintain a calm, present and playful demeanor that exudes trust.

Look for dots and interests common while trying to build a good relationship with her and do not show a personality different from yours (always remember that girls perceive these things from miles away!).

During this phasetry not to push too hard to come across as a confident man (you risk being perceived as arrogant) and not to push too hard even with a escalade physical/sexual. Don’t forget that to win over a difficult girl, the patience is truly the virtue of the strong.

2. Get to know her

If you succeeded inimpress from the start, you must now try to maintain the calm and sure mood that you had during the first phase of knowledge, because the further you go, the more complicated things will become. During this phrase date with her, try to understand what led her to be so suspicious and difficult towards men and try to act accordingly.

The reasons can be multiples : various love disappointments, traumatic episodes from his past, teachings and values ​​transmitted by his family and the negative experiences of his friends. You will know what are the good behaviors to adopt in all circumstances.

Deepen your knowledge in trying to take a genuine interest in their hobbies and passions, get to know their friends and organize activities and things to do together (travel, outings to special places, curious and playful activities) will help him to unlock more with you.

3. Break through his defenses

This is perhaps the phase most important because depending on your behavior the girl in question could decide to let go of you or to be even more “difficult girl” with you.

In this phase you must be persevering and patient especially in case of friction and defensive behavior where the girl raises barriers towards you. Always remember that difficult girls are also the ones who use shit tests most frequently, so it would be good and wise to learn how to recognize them and overcome them effectively.

By your actions, let her know that she can count on you, that you can be a rock to her. Try to be not just a partner sexual possible, but beyond that, a man who knows how to take care of her when needed. Be honest and direct about what you love most about her (preferably something inside rather than outside). I’outside).

4. Stand out from other men

You must have the right game interiorways of doing things and behaviors adapted to make you stand out in the masse average men who don’t know what to do when it comes to interacting with justly difficult girls.

Your communication and social intelligence abilities should serve as very useful weapons in your conquest.

5. Be consistent

If you want to succeed with a daughter which is tough, you have to be consistent. Don’t expect her to fall at your feet from the start, because that’s not going to happen. On the contrary, it will take a long time.

At first she will hide behind a masque (that of a difficult girl) and will do so for a relatively long period of time. Only with consistency can you get her to remove that mask and start melting it away. Without perseverance with some women, you’re not going anywhere.

Be careful not to confuse consistency with being intrusive and annoying: not giving up in front of a challenge is attractive, being intrusive is not.

6. Be indifferent

A crucial factor in being able to seduce a difficult girl is the ability to maintain control. It is very easy to get discouraged or make mistakes when you see a femme act in an unpredictable or initially frustrating way towards you.

Be sure to stay impassive.If you succeed, you have already won half the battle. If, on the other hand, you get overwhelmed by emotions or make mistakes because of her, you tell her that she is you. superior (in terms of value). A woman will never sleep with a lesser man.

This is why it is essential, especially when trying to to understand how to conquer a difficult girl, to be a confident man and not a touchy child. You basically have to learn to desensitize yourself to his whims.

7. Understand its weaknesses

Everyone has one or more weaknesses in his heart and tough girls are no different. We all have “keys” that convince us to lower our defenses against the person in front of us. Even a tough girl can open up to you and start letting go a bit.

Find the side with the most emotionalsweet or fragile of a girl can be quite a difficult task, but with a little emotional intelligence and intuition, you will be able to do it.

A good starting point is to to understand which touches her deeply. If you dig a lot from there, chances are you can identify the part of her character that is most willing to be seduced by you. Find the side most  » vulnerable from a difficult girl takes time, but once identified, it helps you take leaps and bounds.

Conclusion on how to flirt with a difficult girl

As already evoked at the beginning of the article, seduction is not an exact science and following these tips even perfectly does not guarantee you chances of hit 100% (there is an endless array of external factors that wouldn’t be enough for a dozen items to list).

Nevertheless, put these tips in practice and you will see that your results with the tough girls you know and love in a way particularwill increase significantly.

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