7 tips for making new friends

7 tips for making new friends

Good between us, to be surrounded by good person is a major asset for our mental health, we all want to make amis, being appreciated by others but for some people making friends is a real challenge and we can’t blame you for that. Everyone is different, everyone has their qualities and their faults but you are lucky because manystudy took place to finally get you out of loneliness in this article you will have at your disposition tips and advice that are certainly « logical » but effective try to stick to it as much as possible. But before that it is necessary to concentrate on certain points in particular! Why do you find it difficult to make new friends?

There are far too many possible causes for why you are struggling to make yourself of the friends, it can be because of your relatives (parents, uncles, aunt, cousins, brother or sister etc.). It can also be due to a timidity excessive and a cruel lack of self-confidence, or even a trauma that you have since your childhood or since your adolescence.

Now that you know why you have trouble making friends Ask yourself if you want to stay like this. If you’re with us here, it’s because you want to change and you’re ready to become a better version of yourself. So let’s get started without further ado

1. Give the impression of being open to others

Surely you must have heard Remarks like « You’re nice all things considered outwardly speaking, you don’t seem that approachable », a large majority of the time this kind of scenario takes place because someone around you has come to challenge you despite your « anti- social « . What can you learn from this kind of remark? Here, everyone has their own point of view. We can tell ourselves, for example, if we must necessarily wear a  » masque in order to please others? Some will be against saying that you must always be faithful to yourself, which is true in some cases, I grant you! And others who will agree to wear a mask because by giving a good impression to others you will send a positive image of yourself! If you want to bond your non-verbal expression, your bearing, your physique as well as your gestures count! So stand up straight, look straight and most importantly smile!

2. Seize all exit opportunities

To make new friends or forge new ties, you will have to be available and get out of your comfort zone ! Public transport, in the queues at the cinema, the shops, the parties or even at school and I spend all of them public places are perfect. You simply need to « analyze » those who seem likeable to you while following your own intuition as well as a kind of signal that will tell you the « green lights » a kind of call foraction such as an invitation to sit in the canteen or an invitation to have a drink with someone in a bar! Everything is good to take.

You can prepare in advance sentences ofcollision to start a conversation if you really don’t trust your ability to start a discussion, but you have to try to remain as spontaneous and authentic as possible! These two characteristics are essential for your quest for new friends. You can also sympathize with the friends of your friends, your task will be less trying because your current friends already know them and this will give you even more confidence!

3. Subscribe to sites intended to meet people

Today we are very lucky with the internet the world is available to you, many sites offer you to put you in touch with others! Moreover, the notion of distance is no longer to be taken into account because software such as Discord, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Linkedin and so on allow you to connect with people from all over the world! But social networks you have the forums which is a very good example. You can share your knowledge and acquire or even debate on such and such subjects share your point of view or for « young people » video games are also good for interacting with people around a single activity. With the internet you really have no limits so take advantage of it.

4. Focus on other people’s interests

As you saw in the last paragraph I mentioned the term video games, it is a center of interest such as the musiquesport, art, politics, the economy and so on. By focusing on the interests of others you build confidence in your interlocutor to help you instead of answering with a « yes » or a « no » which are answers that are characterized as cold because they stop the discussion dead, you can answer him with: How, who, what, what or how much .

In this way a response from your interlocutor will be possible and your discussion will not be interrupted. And always be attentive and in empathy that will help you nurture your bond. Topics of conversation such as politics, theeconomy or religions are good topics of conversation because you can really debate by putting your own point of view forward. You can also make an effort to remember the name of your interlocutor because the vast majority are sensitive to the use of their name!

5. Try to show your sensitivity to your interlocutor

Be empathetic because in this way you build a bond of trust, but be careful, your interlocutor must also be empathetic because friendship relies heavily on the principle of reciprocity! so if a remark has been made about you and that it hurt you, tell him or her without judging him or her to avoid that you in turn hurt this also applies if you share good times together, you should know that humor and laughter are closely linked because they are both factors that create bonds quickly and above all easily.

Laughter is a shared happiness, it can bring you positive and dynamic emotions, it makes it easier for you to anchor your memories in your neurones moreover, there is no time to laugh and share a good time with someone, so laughing with your interlocutor is also proof of your sensitivity!

6. Boost your self-esteem

Your self-esteem and your self-confidence are closely linked before working on your confidence tried to accept yourself! Accepted your qualities and your faults, know that no one is perfect! Now that you have boosted your self-esteem you will naturally have more self-confidence in any area, at any stage of your life, you will doubt yourself! But be careful, I am not saying that you will change from day to the following daythis will happen over time of course, Each time you decide to speak in class or otherwise, each time you make an effort to take the first step you will have more self-confidence!

7. Rejoice in the success of others

This is our last piece of advice and not the least because it is important. Surely you say to yourself what happiness brought you to someone because he had a good result? You will have a better image with others a more positive image more benevolent this way it also shows that you know how to put yourself in the other person’s shoes! Make them talk about themselves because we all tend to want to talk about yourself in this way you make them important without praising them in public just a simple compliment and attention will be enough to help you make friends.

If you know why you have trouble making friends and you have worked on yourself (self-esteem, self-confidence, you will improve over time and effort!) and that you apply our advice there is no reason that you will not succeed. Everyone has the ability to make friends, you just have to know how to do it, it’s not something innate.

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