8 signs your boyfriend is a manipulative pervert

If you have doubts about your partner, here are 8 signs that your boyfriend is a manipulative pervert:

here are the signs that your boyfriend / girlfriend is a manipulative pervert.

  • 1. He doesn’t reveal his feelings

Manipulative perverts are difficult to identify by health professionals. Indeed, a manipulative pervert is a super actor with the art of camouflage. The pervert is anyone who wishes to harm others. This person is completely devoid of sentiments and moral principles.

  • 2. He has a demeaning image of himself.

The perversion is a notion of psychoanalysis which clearly defines this sick person as being any person with a demeaning self-image and who has found a way to revalue permanently.

  • 3. He takes advantage of your misfortune and never apologizes.

A manipulative pervert wishes always put others down to feel better than them. He’s a madman who wants to drive the people around him mad to feel better. The worse you go in your relationship with him, the more the manipulative pervert take advantage of your misfortune and your sadness to arrive at his ends.

  • 4. He often tries to humiliate you

A manipulative pervert don’t feel sick, on the contrary, he feels in full power and does not hesitate to take advantage of his power for you devalue and even for you humiliate in public and for no reason.

  • 5. He doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of your kindness.

Seeming to have charisma, listening to others and quite attractive, the perverse manipulators will not hesitate never to crush even people closest to them to feel they exist, they always humiliate their victims and criticize their efforts in order to sow doubt in their minds and exploit their weaknesses.

These people know well the art of humiliation, blackmail, devaluation and sabotage. Better move away as many of these toxic people as possible!

  • 6. He takes pleasure in making the other person suffer

Without going into too complicated explanations, there is always in the perverse personality a pleasure in causing others to suffer, to possess it as an object that she needs.

This kind of behavior shows the inability of manipulative perverts to recognize the other. He needs own and dominate completely, and cannot bear to be separated from him. For the perverse manipulator, the other is not a real and distinct person but an object that he can destroy at any time. He therefore cannot bear to lose the object and will prefer to delete it.

  • 7. He wishes to take you away from the world.

The perverse manipulator is unable to recognize that the others are different beings, having feelings and emotions different from his own. For the manipulative narcissist, the other is an object, an extension of themselves.

The perverse manipulator, that we can compare to a predator, will charm his victim, amaze him, using all the means of seduction: gifts, diplomas, brilliant, culture and conversation, fine dinners, compliments. Once the prey (the victim) has taken the bait, it will find all sorts of reasons for theisolate : he does not like his friends, his family, his neighborhood, his job and will encourage him little by little to move away from those around him.

It will become more and more more abusive and aggressive (verbal abuse, insults, criticism, humiliation, derogatory comments, beatings, fights, physical violence, outbursts of jealousy, limitation of access to money, telephone, Internet, espionage and prevention of all communications with the outside etc…).

  • 8. He takes advantage of you to get his way

The perverse manipulator does not hesitate to intervene in the lives of others, to transgress the personal space of the people with whom he lives, to use their belongings, without asking their permission, to read their personal papers, their private diary. If you protest, He doesn’t see where the problem is. This person will not hesitate to use others as pawns in order to manipulate them and achieve their ends. She just considers herself above all laws.

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