9 conversation topics that interest women

You have a date ? Where will you meet a friend femme ? And suddenly, you would like to have topics conversation who will interest him? You wonder what women say to each other between them ? Anyway, I asked a woman to help me, in order toextract the topics that women discuss with each other, and that you can to landso why not, interest him, then seduce.

9 conversation topics that interest women (and not men)

The topics of conversations which are of great interest to women :

  1. criticize others

This is one of the main topics that women especially like to discuss with each other. Let’s be blunt, women like to criticize and belittle others. You rarely hear a group of women praising one person. They first start talking about women like them, then comes the turn of boys, their work colleagues, parents or even their bosses. Generally, gossip is about the way of life, the behavior of the people around them.

  1. couple life

Unlike the man, the woman likes to talk about everything that happens in her relationship. Whether it’s the last argument with the husband, the gift that the gentleman gave her at her birthday party, the meeting with a nice guy, the girlfriends will be able to express themselves on it. If men prefer to be discreet on these subjects, women can’t help but talk to their friends about their slightest worries in order to get relevant advice. One of the topics that we often bring up is the history of exes or recent encounters.

  1. The beauty

This is also a topic that women can spend hours discussing. It’s not surprising because beauty remains an essential element for women. Whether it’s the latest trend in textiles, cosmetics, women are never behind. Thanks to permanent exchanges, they are always on the lookout for all the latest inventions, tips, little tricks to make themselves desired, the best beauty centers or institutes.

  1. TV series

Do you notice how addicted women are to TV series? Indeed, some women can spend a whole day staring at Novelas TV. After questions of beauty and gossip, television series remain the main interests of our dear women. In short, everyone has their own thing. If men are fans of champions league and thrilling sports, women are more television series. You will be amazed at the way they tell each other the latest episode of their favorite series. Pretty liar, Doctor House, Games of thrones or grey’s anatomy, everyone has their own style.

  1. reality shows

Reality TV is one of the shows most watched by women. Both entertaining and captivating, television channels continue to multiply their creations in this area. Since Loft story, we are witnessing an impressive proliferation of reality TV shows. Koh lanta, Temptation Island or Bachelor, reality TV is one of the main topics of conversation during girls’ nights. Men, it is better not to attend this kind of discussion so as not to get carried away.

  1. Women’s complexes

Men are often too proud of themselves. They rarely share their complexes with their friends. On the other hand, when women are with each other, it is one of the most privileged subjects of conversation. Swelling, cellulite or wrinkles, everyone speaks openly about their complexes. They comfort and help each other in order to better manage their stress in relation to these imperfections. They find no shame in flaunting their flaws. Maybe men should do the same?

  1. hair problems

Addressing this kind of subject between men is a bit tricky. It’s just weird. On the other hand, women experience immense pleasure in talking about their body hair during their conversations. The goal is above all to share with other women the experiences of some in order to improve their well-being on a daily basis. Hair, pubic hair or leg hair, the exchanges are very rich and fun. The debate is very open from the razor through the wax to the electric epilator.

  1. The kitchen

Even if cooking is not just a women’s affair, it is rare that this kind of subject is discussed between men. The latter rather prefer to talk about girls, sports, music or at least sex. As part of a meeting between girls, the kitchen remains the ideal subject. Women are used to exchanging cooking recipes or sharing the best tips for better savings. Little culinary tips are never lacking on these occasions.

  1. Girls like to talk about everything and nothing

Unlike men, women can spend several hours talking about everything and nothing. The most important thing is to confide, to speak, to release one’s thoughts. Sometimes women argue about irrelevant things. The goal is quite simply to create social links, to exchange and possibly discover unexpected opportunities. It is for this reason that it is often said that women only gossip when they meet. Not necessarily !!

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