9 declarations of love to make your partner crack

You are in a relationship with ? And you want to declare your flame to your partner ? Want to upset him by your choice of words ? In order to help you make your statement d’amour to your boyfriend / girlfriend, I have selected for you, the most beaux messages of loves that it exists on earth (and rather romantic), which you can say (or write) to your lover(se), in order to melt with joy.

Top 9 declarations of love to crack your partner

The best declaration of lovein order to manage to crack his partner :

  • Declaration of love N°1

“Today I woke up and felt that my life would never be the same again. Today you melted my heart with your smile and your look. Today more than ever, you have pierced my armor and entered my hardened heart. »

With these words, no doubt, your partner will literally melt for you. He should really appreciate you indulging him in this way. He should you embrace lovingly and cover you with kisses.

  • Declaration of love N°2

“My mother always told me that when I meet the father of my future children, I will know. Then I saw you. Our eyes met and I knew right away it could only be you. »

This pretty statement will also show your partner that you imagine without difficulty in the future of your relationship.

  • Declaration of love N°3

“For me, it was impossible for love at first sight to exist. But today, you proved me wrong and I’m happy about it. »

This formula will emphasize the bel exploit done by your man. In general, men love to be complimentwhether on their physique or for their actions towards us.

  • Declaration of love N°4

“Your list of people who like you just got longer. I’m your new admirer. I surrendered to the beauty of your heart. »

This one is for the fans of social networks, but in version in love. If your partner is one, then this declaration of love will make it crack, no doubt!

  • Declaration of love N°5

“Every day my heart searches for you and asks me when I will see you again. I tell him that I’m waiting for you. And he ends up answering me not to wait any longer, to run and get you because he misses you. »

This pretty formulation has every chance of melting any representative of the gent masculine.

  • Declaration of love N°6

“The first time we met, my heart stopped looking for its other half. I asked him about the reason. Do you know what he answered me? He’s the one I chose for you. »

These few phrases are another example to declare your love to your partner and to reinforce your pair.

  • Declaration of love N°7

“Before knowing you, I multiplied the meetings. Today I just want to be with you, cherish you and love you. I want to be your wife and the mother of your children. »

These few words will have the effect of showing your better half your engagement in the long term and that he is the only one who really matters to you.

  • Declaration of love N°8

« Every time my phone rings, I hope deep down that it’s you calling or writing to me. I don’t have much to offer you, it’s true. But my heart is yours… Keep it preciously. »

This statement will show him that you are constantly thinking about him and that you have him in the skin. He will know that you are ready to give him the most you have. precious : your heart. Now it’s up to him to take the greatest care of it!

  • Declaration of love N°9

“As soon as I saw you for the first time, my heart began to tremble, because it knew that you were my soul mate. We are meant to be together and love each other for the rest of our lives. »

A little in the same style the declaration of love n° 6this one also underlines a engagement strong from you. With these words, your partner will know more about your vision of thecoming with him.

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