9 examples of bio that « match » on Tinder

Register on Tinder is quite easy. Understanding the operating guide, on the other hand, is not so obvious. It is first a question of a dating app online which has revolutionized the processes of dredges since 2012. It’s not easy for a shy individual to flirt with a girl easily in the world physique. This is why dating sites exist.

To return to the operating guide, we refer directly to matches on Tinder. We talk about match on Tinder when you like a profile and the same profile love you back too. This principle allows you to start a conversation with the person in question. Which gives you the chance to create a relation large scope.

However, making a match is not at all easy. It is not enough to jump into it without thinking. There’s a whole story behind it. Above all, focus on your profile. And who talks about profile alludes to the good Tinder bio. That said, we will give you nine examples of bio texts who walk on Tinder.

Examples of bio that “match” on Tinder

1. Bio strengths/weaknesses

It’s a classic on the dating website, but it is very little used at the moment. So you can quietly embark on this style according to your convictions. Very few girls come across this presentation model, abandoned in favor of quotes musicals or philosophical. Which leaves it out of the lot. Here is a very open example mixed with strengths and weaknesses:

2. The short bio that gives matches

This style of bio alternates between hot and cold: on the one hand, it highlights a cute little flaw (dad’s jokes); on the other, it highlights the fact that it does well dishes (and we all know today’s girls hate doing the dishes!). This style also works.

3. The bio that takes care of competitors

This bio must care about other bios to make a simpler and shorter one. Most of the competitors take care of their physique. You should not fall into this kind of trap.

Indeed, a large number of muscular guys (or who think they are muscular) post shirtless photos, taken at the gym or in the mirror to show off their mass. muscular, and this guy shows his confidence by making fun of his competitors. However, the majority of girls are not just looking for a physique in a man. They seek humor, self-confidence, intelligence, social status, ambition, generosity, success, style, elegance, spirituality, curiosity.

So many things you can show off in your Tinder bio, rather than just showing off your pecs and abs in your photos…

4. The suspenseful bio

The objective being to go from 0 to 10% or 20% or 30% or more, it will be necessary to be armed on all the styles of bio possible to know what can quickly give you matches. We cannot guarantee 80% with this bio but it remains special all the same in its sense that nobody dare not do it. Here is the bio in question:

  • Let me tell you a little story:
  • It starts with « Hello »
  • It’s built around a dream, a discussion, a smile, a laugh. Then comes the second drink followed by a movie, a walk, a restaurant…
  • It follows, … To find out more, swipe right…

5. Bio rich in humor and culture

The girls registered on the dating website like Tinder, Adopt, Once, Bumble, Raya or say Tomorrow are used to seeing quotes in male bios. The biggest provider of quotes for Tinder is Oscar Wilde, with his famous quote “ The only way to resist temptation is to give in to it… Here is a concrete example:

  • 2 kilometers away
  • I did not say that
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Let’s have a drink
  • Well obviously not right away

6. Absurd bio

The absurd is a kind ofhumour particular, light, quite fine, which does not attack anyone and which has developed over the last few years. The ideal bio to make almost any girl laugh and get more matches is:

  • Jedi Knight at Jedi Order
  • South Paris 11 University
  • 12 kilometers away
  • The world is divided into 03 categories of people: those who know how to count and those who do not.
  • My cult song is Kid by Eddy Protto.

7. Organic based on fruits and vegetables

This bio is very fun. Who among the users talks about fruit and vegetable in its description. Almost nobody. You have to stand out, you have to stand out. It’s a perfect way to present yourself differently from the standard. The power of this fact will even be to change his first name for a more fun one. It is possible to test this style by using a bio close to this one in its beginnings:

  • Teacher
  • Université…
  • We can tell our parents that we saw each other on a Saturday near the Elysée in the middle of tear gas bombs. All your girlfriends will be jealous of such an exceptional meeting between you and me.
  • Look no further!!! You just found the most romantic man in the world.

8. La bio de Duke Nukem

Here is the ideal example for this profile:

  • Julian, 29 years old
  • Senior executive at Julien-telecom
  • Julien has a touchy and resentful character. He relies above all on his primary instincts. He solves most of his problems by force and violence. Apart from easy girls and pornography, Julien doesn’t seem to be interested in much…

A bio going in this direction is provocative. It’s a big risk and there is a very big chance for you to stand out.

9. The most conventional organic

Through this profile, you are naturally conventional. But do not take the lead directly in believing that you will be approached from the first message. It is a question here that the girl or the boy falls on a reassuring profile which will be enough for him.

As strengths you can put: Able to bring coffee to bed, eat organic food every day or respond to text messages in less than 24 hours.

For the position: project manager in a local company.

You can then fill in the sequence with fairly simple and true answers.

A woman analyzes the bios of men

Questions answers

Which bio match best on Tinder?

The bios that match the best are those that are sincere, give real elements about your personality, and have a touch of humor. So there’s no point trying to overdo it, or copy/pasting a philosophical phrase, or looking for the latest carambar joke, women have a bullshit detector, and lose interest in it very quickly.

Should you put a quote in your Tinder bio?

No, a quote is too vague, and is already seen a thousand times, and this one will not help you to differentiate yourself from others. Indeed, women swipe on dozens of profiles a day, and they must immediately capture your added value / personality, otherwise they will quickly skip to the next profile.

Should you write a list of qualities on your Tinder profile?

The goal is not to list your qualities and faults, but rather to make a short presentation, with a point of humor. You have the possibility to talk about one of your passions, or to mention your subjects of interest.

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