9 examples of compliments to seduce a woman

You have identified a femme what makes you glad ? You would like the seduce ? So you wonder how to do ? And above all, on what compliments could she be sensitive? Thus, and in order to seduce your target, I made a compilation of 9 best compliments to say to a woman. It will make him necessarily pleasureif she senses that you are sincere in your approach.

9 examples of compliments to seduce a woman

here is a listing of 9 compliments to give to a woman, in order to flatter and flirt with her:

  1. « Your haircut is really beautiful, it’s very original »

Women are used to receiving compliments. For them to feel flattered, you will have to be tactful and look beyond the tip of your nose. Avoid expressions like « you’re pretty », « you have beautiful eyes » or « you have a dream body » because they are used to hearing these kinds of compliments that no longer mean anything. To ring true, talk about their hair. They will be immediately won over and know that you have taken the trouble to discover it.

  1. “You are different from other girls I have known”

By giving a woman a compliment, you will have to touch her ego and encourage her to react. You will expect a response from her and that she returns the device to you. In other words, a conversation should be started. By making a banal flattery like « you’re beautiful », the answer would simply be « Thank you very much, it’s nice ». On the other hand, with this kind of compliment, she would be tempted to know how she would be different from the other girls. She would be more interested in you. It’s in the pocket !

  1. « You’re even prettier in real life »

Women love this kind of compliment. It’s a way to reassure her that you’re not disappointed with the meeting and that you’re willing to go further. In this kind of situation, a first meeting has already taken place on social networks or on one of the 118 dating sites in France. This flattery allows the woman to be at ease, an essential condition for a more serious conversation. Normally if the woman is seduced by your charm, the relationship will be formalized. It’s up to you to ensure the rest.

  1. “I feel really comfortable in your company”

To seduce a woman, it is important to know how to juggle with words and show her how much you care about her. This kind of compliment is the best way to gain the trust and sympathy of your conquest. Telling her that you enjoy being around her means you are willing to engage with her. Remember that to seduce a woman, you have to show her that she is unique and special to you.

  1. “You are really very chic, you have taste”

Women spend quite a lot of time in front of the mirror to dress up and make themselves beautiful. Complimenting her on the way she dresses is a genius idea because it will boost her self-esteem. She will feel valued and estimated at her fair value. Remember that women appreciate gallantry. Appreciating her look and the way she dresses means you buy into her style and have common tastes. It is a good starting point for a romantic relationship.

  1. “I like your reasoning, you are an intelligent woman”

The best way to win a woman’s heart is to know how to esteem and appreciate her. Telling her that you like her reasoning means that you respect her personality and that you are someone she could rely on at any time. Be careful because women don’t like men with prejudices. To suggest that she is an intelligent woman would sound better and be more original than to cite the beauty of her legs or her eyes.

  1. “I find you very interesting as a woman”

Women like spontaneity and sincerity. They know how to recognize compliments that really come from the heart. Thus, banal and routine expressions should be avoided as much as possible. Flattering a woman by telling her she’s attractive will only boost her self-confidence and she’ll like you more. Don’t forget that women know how to distinguish machos, perverts and gentlemen because they meet these kinds of people regularly. If a woman really interests you and you want to seduce her, let her know with the right words. Just be classy.

  1. “You are really unique as a girl, I like you”

In our time everything has changed. If before, flirting was child’s play, today it has become an obstacle course because women have become unpredictable. Choosing a compliment takes a lot of tact if you don’t want to be seen as a macho or a sexual pervert. Complimenting a woman on her body is currently equated with vulgarity. Instead, choose words that make them feel special and unique, such as highlighting their personality traits or a character that sets them apart from other women. Tell her that you want her without necessarily falling into perversion.

  1.  » You know what ? you really drive me crazy”

This kind of expression is to be used with moderation because some women could take advantage of it to play with your feeling. As we said earlier, we must always act spontaneously. So, it’s up to you to see if the context is ideal for telling the woman of your dreams that she really drives you crazy. In any case, with this expression, she will immediately feel that you desire her and want to be with her.

Good luck !!

Also, if you have other strategies that work, or a testimony to do, you can write it in the comments below.

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