9 examples of funny descriptions for his Tinder profile

You are registered on Tinder ? And you have difficulties to have  » matches  » return ? So you want improve your profile ? In order to hold the attention of women in manners funny ? So here are 9 examples d’advertisement that you can write on your profile Tinderwith the aim of having a humorous profile et full of spirit.

9 examples of funny descriptions for his Tinder profile

Here are 9 examples of funny descriptions for your profile Tinder :

  • 1ere description Tinder for a young man

“Young man of 23, full of charm, sometimes shy but often funny. Well equipped, I want to share my beautiful equipment with the girls. With my big gun, I’ll take you to the 7th sky. It goes without saying that I am not looking for a serious relationship. My message is for all women or girls who are not satisfied in bed, I will be your casanova who will change your conception of sex. You have to see to believe. You won’t forget our little adventure. And you will ask again and again. »

  • 2th description Tinder for a woman

 » Who am I ? 40-year-old woman, cannon, 1m72 for 65 kg, single. Masseuse for almost 15 years, I know all your sensitive points, from head to toe.

Favorite hobbies? Sex and combat sport. In addition to being a real beast in bed, I defend myself well. Anyone who tried to take advantage of my kindness ended up in the emergency room or the infirmary.

I am looking for a man from 20 to 50 years old to flirt or ……. you know the rest.

Precision: I am neither a call girl nor an unbalanced, I would just like to share happiness with you and make you have a good time. It is like charity and benevolence. »

  • 3rd description in question / answer mode

 » You are a man ? Do you like being dominated in bed? Does your wife no longer hook you up or can’t get you to cum? This is for you.

I am a 32-year-old woman, living together but not committed, athletic (I like swimming and hiking), I eat everything and absolutely everything and I like it when they are very hard. You know what I’m talking about!!! Otherwise, it’s bad for you. You are missing something.

Here the rest: I’m looking for a big or small man in search of adventure and good times with a luscious woman. I’m going to make you scream with pleasure like you’ve never done before. Give me a sign, I’m all yours. »

  • 4th description in list mode à la Prévert

 » About me

Points forts

  • Well calibrated and very hard with a heart of lamb
  • Likes well-done steak and fresh meats
  • I eat 3 times a day (favorite foods: sex, flirtation and vegetable soup)
  • respond to text every day
  • absolutely no condom (I know how to control myself, in good health, compensated and it diminishes the pleasure)

Weak points

  • Don’t do the dishes and the housework
  • Can’t resist dirty movies
  • Never sleep before midnight
  • Too kind « 
  • 5th description to put yourself forward

“In everyday life, I am a real brute, vindictive, brawler. With my 3 tons of muscle, no one would take the risk of rubbing shoulders with me. The last one who tried ended up in a little crib. I am often told that I have a heart of stone. It’s possible but the girls can’t resist my charm or my pig character. Do you know why ?

  • I know how to deal with girls, I’m tender as lamb in the company of a woman
  • Girls appreciate my stamina, I can last several hours, it’s a matter of practice
  • Giving pleasure is my cup of tea
  • And finally, I’m still single (I’m looking for my sweetheart)

Maybe it’s you who knows? I await your response to my invitation”

  • 6th Tinder description for a shy man

« Hello, I’m not the type of guy who flirts with every girl that comes by or the one who shoots your eyes when I like you. I’m more of a shy and reserved type who doesn’t dare to engage in conversation too much. However, I have everything you need to make girls vibrate: rather handsome, a very hard and large-caliber machine, charm and many other qualities that I will make you discover as I go along.

I’m looking for the woman who can help me become a real virile male, an experienced dominatrix who knows how to live up to my expectations. And who knows? Would she become the woman of my life? »

  • 7th description for serious research

« I’m not the kind of man who is full of tattoos with a super swag haircut, sporty cock or bad boy style. Nor am I the one who shows off his muscles and charms all the girls who pass by to make himself desired and show that he is a real man. I’m more of a low-key type but pick up everything in my path in the blink of an eye. Women generally have a hard time resisting my charm. However, I don’t do anything about it.

Single for quite some time, I am looking for the woman of my life, the one who will be the mother of my offspring, the only one to whom I would offer my heart full of love.

The candidates will certainly be numerous but only one will accede to the throne. Good luck to everyone. »

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