9 examples of messages to get invited to a woman’s house

You want to make yourselfto invite to a woman ? You have intentions behind the head ? You think that the privacy of a home will allow you tomove forward in the relationship ? Here are some tips on how to get there (in a funny way) to invite you to the woman of your wishes.

9 examples of messages to be asked to sleep

You have already met for the first time, and you want to go into second gear, in order to get closer physically. For this purpose, you think that the intimacy of a home could help you to get closer. In this context, below are some sample messages that you can send, in order to be invited, or to invite a woman yourself to sleep at your place.

The SMS « what a coincidence »

Text message in sick chance mode:

You’ll laugh, but what a coincidence, I’m at the bottom of your house. Can I come up and give you a kiss?

The “ingredient troubleshooting” text message

Flirt message because you are missing ingredients:

I’m struggling to finish my pancake leg. I have more sugar. Can I come pick you up?

The message « power failure »

EDF is doing work, and I have a power cut. I’m afraid of the dark. Can I come and take refuge with you?

The “home massage” text message

I’m thinking about starting a home massage business. I actually started taking online classes. Can I come to your place to practice?

The “decoration question” text message

I just bought lots of decoration at Ikea, and as I know you know your stuff well, I would like your opinion on how to arrange my apartment. Could you come over tomorrow night?

The “lie” text

I’m having a party with 3 friends tomorrow night. What do you say to pass? (and obviously, you didn’t invite anyone else).

The “I overcooked” message

I just made lasagna for 10… Are you coming to help me eat it?

The « family at home » SMS

My uncle comes to sleep at my house all week… suddenly, I would like to get some fresh air. Can I come and spend the evening with you?

The text “your passion is my passion”

I have a friend who paints, like you, who is passing through Paris. She’s coming to my house for dinner tomorrow night. You will be able to come ?

Some tips for a successful invitation to sleep by message

We give you below some tips to follow to make a success of your proposal to go to the home of your suitor, and possibly, get to sleep at home.

  • Once through the door of the house, you have done 75% of the work.
  • First, you have to be proactive. To do the first step.
  • If you do not make an invitation, because there is little chance that the person will arrive on their own.
  • Avoid justifying the pretext of money for a door-to-door invitation
  • You don’t have to look stingy
  • Avoid the boat jokes, and already seen as: “Are we going to Chinese dinner or at your place? »
  • Whatever the excuse, have a sense of humor.

If you have some technical questions on how to get invited to a woman’s house to sleepyou can ask them in the comments below:

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