9 excuses to approach a girl on the street

You want dock of the women in the rue ? But suddenly you ask what topic lancer ? What pretext to have in order to launch the conversation ? In short, here is my Top 9 pretexts in order to approach and d’dock a woman in the rue.

9 excuses to approach a girl on the street

Here are the best excuses to approach a girl/woman in the street.

  1. know the time

This is often said to be a bogus excuse. However, this pretext is infallible to approach a woman if one is tactful. First, don’t forget to take off your watch if you have one. Then, be careful not to highlight your smartphone because the woman may take you for an ass. It will be total failure. Once you get the time, don’t forget to thank her while flashing an elegant smile. You can then continue the conversation with other subjects.

  1. Looking for a place

Apprentice seducers prefer this approach to approach a woman. Which does not prevent the pretext from being absolutely perfect. Indeed, if you know how to do it, the conversation can move forward very quickly. It is even possible to obtain a telephone number or even a date. Of course, you should always be prepared for an emergency solution if ever the woman does not know the answer to your question.

  1. You are seduced by its beauty and charm

Getting straight to the point can be both effective and risky because you never know how the woman will react. However, it’s like horse betting, « all or nothing ». Either she immediately falls under your spell, or she sends you flying. The game is worth the candle as they say. If you’re lucky and find the first scenario, it shouldn’t be difficult to get their phone number.

  1. Find out if she wants to be your lover

To approach a woman, you sometimes have to take risks. However, it is very important to make a good impression, that is to say to be elegant, presentable, smiling without falling into sarcasm or affront. This way, your beauty will take you more seriously and be willing to respond to your advance. This technique should work well on Valentine’s Day in case you find a single girl, but you can also use it at will at any time.

  1. She has something on her nose

This is obviously a prank meant to amuse him. But as we always said, women are so unpredictable that you never know how they would react. They may very well appreciate your joke and play your game. Otherwise, they might take you for an immature person. This is a risk worth taking. If your move succeeds, she will answer you with a pretty smile. The ball will then be in your court.

  1. She was waiting for you

Again, this is a joke that should amuse him. The goal of the approach is to relax the atmosphere and install a friendly climate. By asking him the question “were you expecting me? », the conversation will be immediately engaged. You can even follow up with a compliment such as “you’re too beautiful to be alone”. Of course, your chance of success in this kind of situation is only 50% because it could well be that the woman is waiting for her lover or another suitor.

  1. You ask her if you can seduce her

This is direct flirting by which the man clearly expresses his interest in the woman. The approach is very clear and shows the sincerity of the seducer. This technique makes it possible to immediately know the feeling of the woman. Thus, the man will no longer bother to flirt with her more if she does not feel it. This technique is a little destabilizing for the woman even if she feels esteemed and appreciated by the man.

  1. You feel that something is happening

In many cases, the attraction is one-sided, that is, only the man or the woman feels something. For example, the woman may consider the great seducer as a simple friend from the start. In order to avoid such disappointment, the best way would be to tell the other that something is going on between them. Thus, the woman will know soon enough that the man wants to maintain a more intimate relationship.

  1. You want to know if she plays sports

A woman is picked up all day long by many types of men. The expressions used to seduce the woman are almost the same to such an extent that it becomes boring. To stand out, it is better to find smarter and less standard approaches. Instead of complimenting her athletic form, you can, for example, ask her what kind of sport she does.

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