9 gestures that betray a woman interested in a man

You are a single man ? And sometimes in contact with some women who are also? And suddenly, you would like to know if your attraction is reciprocal ? And suddenly, look on theanalysis of his gestures ? Effectively, he there are gestures which can betray a attraction for another individual. I have also grouped the gestures which mark that a wife is seduced by a man. Here are the 9 main ones:

The 9 gestures that betray a woman interested in a man

here are the gestures who betray a femme interested in a man. it’s about the communication non-verbale, and a gesture analysis. If a woman does several of these signs in front of you is that it’s a good sign.

  1. She often looks at you

The look is a clear sign of his interest in you. Some women do it quietly. If so, it would be a bit difficult to spot it. On the other hand, other women purposely look at you so that you can react and approach her. Of course, the looks are not always the same. It’s up to you to determine if it’s a particular attraction, a simple curiosity, or a misunderstanding. As the look is the reflection of the soul of the person, you should not be mistaken.

  1. A sustained and prolonged gaze

A simple glance allows to have an idea on the feeling of the person. Of course, you may be fooling yourself and nothing at all will happen. On the other hand, a steady look at you would only confirm the woman’s interest in you. Specifically, she wants to trigger something between you. Some women do it to turn on or excite the man. No man will resist this kind of advance. Shy women will avoid meeting your gaze. You can surprise her and you will see that she will look down. It’s the kind of sign that never betrays.

  1. The woman fondles herself in front of you

This kind of behavior can happen when the woman is alone with you. Some do it with a deep and sensual gaze. Others caress their forearm, shoulder or play with their rings without necessarily attracting your attention clearly. We will have to detect this sign which is rarely misleading. This gesture simply means that the woman is interested in you and feels desire for you. She likes you and she wants you to react. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. You may regret it.

  1. She highlights her beautiful chest

Women know very well how to stir up men’s desire by highlighting certain parts of their bodies. The chest is an essential tool of seduction for women. During a date, know how to recognize the gestures that don’t lie. In general, women attracted to a man wear necklines to highlight their breasts. They can even lean towards you so you can get a full view of both pairs. The purpose of this behavior is to warm you up, excite you and let you know that you are not indifferent to him.

  1. The woman hits you while laughing

This is the typical behavior of a woman who has fallen under your spell. She usually reacts this way after a cheeky joke from you or after teasing her. Which simply means that she feels good with you to the point of laughing a little. The woman’s goal is to show you that she wants to make physical contact with you. You should of course show him that you are not indifferent to his advance. Keep teasing her so the connection can be made.

  1. The woman rubs you

In your company, the person will try to rub up against you in different ways. To check if she is really attracted to you, just pretend to ignore her gesture. You will see that she will do everything to make you realize it. For example, she can hold her breasts against you. If you’re sitting, she’ll bring her thighs or arms closer to you. They might be doing it on purpose. Thus, she will withdraw immediately in case she is not interested in you or is not yet ready to go further. On the other hand, others will pretend not to feel anything and react in a completely natural way. The sign is there. Up to you !

  1. She makes herself beautiful for you

During your appointments, she always tries to take care of herself as much as possible from head to toes. She will go to great lengths to seduce you with her hairstyle or her look. If you’ve ever discussed fashion together, you’ll notice that she will try to suit your taste even if it’s not really her style. And it’s not all about clothing. She will do a little excess on the make-up side, perfumes.

  1. She is always considerate with you

The woman pays attention to everything you say or do to her. He sometimes jokes during the conversation without being distracted by external events. Even if her smartphone rings, she could ignore it completely. It’s a sure sign that she likes you and that she’s unfazed when she’s around you.

  1. She prioritizes one-on-one activities

Know how to recognize the signs that do not deceive. A woman who is attracted to or is looking for a more serious relationship with you prefers one-on-one dates instead of being accompanied by friends. So, if a woman offers you one-on-one activities, it’s probably that she’s under your spell, and that she would like to go further.

  1. 10. If she turns red while talking to you

Finally, if a woman turns red while talking to you, and moreover, has trouble holding your gaze, these are also signs that she is shy, but moreover, that she is potentially interested.

For further : So much for the listing gestures that betray an interested woman. If you want to submit your testimony or ask questionsyou can do this within comments below.


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