9 good topics of conversation to flirt with a man

You spotted a man you like ? And you’re shy with him ? In short, you don’t know what topics to approach in order to flirt with him? You want to appear smart and interesting? In short, here is My Top 9 of good topics to discuss with a manin order to interest him in your conversations and of it seduce at the same time.

9 good topics of conversation to flirt with a man

here is my Top 9 Top Conversation Topics to flirt with a man.

  1. The course of his day

To start, nothing could be simpler than asking him if he is doing well and if the day went perfectly. Men appreciate being cared about. Behind their tons of muscles as well as their strong characters, men need affection and gentleness. This is a very important criterion that they often look at in a woman. One of the main questions that a man often asks himself is: « is the woman able to make him happy and take care of him ».

  1. On his work

It’s easy to have the hearts of men. All it takes is a little patience and care. This is how you can stand out from other competitors. Work is one of the things men hold dear in life. Indeed, they like to impress women on their challenges or challenges they have made in the office. Thus, do not hesitate to ask him about his future projects or the problems he encounters at the office. He will be delighted to tell you about them in detail.

  1. Address the sports he practices

Rare are the men who are not sports enthusiasts. Simply see what happens during evenings with friends or co-workers. Sport dominates most of the discussions and debates. If you want him to notice you more, don’t forget to bring up this topic. Try to get to know their favorite sports and ask them questions to show them that you have something in common. He will appreciate it.

  1. His favorite music

This is an inescapable subject when talking about men. If you want to establish a quick connection with a particular man, do not neglect this important point. Try to know his musical tastes, confide, maybe you have common points? Very quickly, the discussion can extend into other areas such as clubbing, cabaret evenings and other festive events that you are used to attending. Soon, he won’t be able to do without you.

  1. His past and future trips

The goal is to show him that you are interested in him. It’s time to share anecdotes, holiday memories, unforgettable moments. The goal is to get to know each other better and to create a friendly atmosphere between you. Why not also talk about your dreams in terms of travel? Maybe you share the same passions, the same desires and the same ambitions in life? This kind of conversation will transport you to the near or distant future. It is often the illusion that becomes a reality.

  1. Her romantic past

It is very important to know his opinion about women. The goal is to have some information about his past love. Is he a womanizer or a faithful man? How does he behave in bed? You can learn a lot about men whether it’s about love or sex. But it’s not just about listening, you should also confide so that there is a real exchange. Do not hesitate to tell him about your qualities to make him want to become attached to you.

  1. His projects in life

This is a topic of conversation that interests everyone, man or woman. Achieving our own dreams is a challenge that each of us seeks to achieve at all costs. Showing the man that you are willing to help and support him in achieving his plans will only further increase his esteem for you. He will know that you will always be there for him. This will give him more self-confidence and increase his desire to stay by your side. You will be absolutely irresistible.

  1. His tastes in cinema

Ask him about his taste and his preference in cinema. Push him to the limit so that he would want to invite you for a cinema party somewhere or at his own place. Do not forget that the cinema gives birth to a real passion whether it is for a man or a woman. Asking him, for example, the kind of film he would like to watch will put a flea in his ear. If you don’t think he’s going to invite you, take the first step by offering to take you to a movie. If he feels something for you, he won’t resist the idea.

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