9 messages to say "good night" to her lover

You are in couple ? Your couple is nascent and still in the process of seduction ? So you want to send messages funnysincere and touching ? Anyway, I wrote some messages that you can send in order to wish a good night to your lover. He should appreciate theattention. Because don’t forget that theamour is being built every day!

9 messages to say “good night” to your lover

Some sample messages that you can send, in order to say  » good night «  to your partner.

  1. “Good night my love, I kiss you wherever you want, wherever you like. »

Wishing your lover a good night should not be summed up in a few words like « I love you » or « sweet dreams ». Nor is it a question of writing poetry. The most important thing is to show him your affection, you will have to be the last person he will think of before sleeping. You might even be in his dream. This kind of sensual message should make him shiver.

  1. “I’m cold all alone in my bed, you won’t be there to warm me up, I miss you. »

This way you show him that he has a place in your heart et in your bed. He will feel proud and valued. It is important in a couple to feel desired by their beloved. The fire of love is not ready to go out. This type of message is especially suitable when the two people have been dating for quite some time and who often sleep together. Otherwise, it would not be appropriate.

  1. “I wish you were with me, inside me right now. Sweet dream darling. »

Sensual messages are always welcome whether for the man or the woman. Of course, men will be more sensitive because of their animal instincts. The idea would always be to make sure that he will think of you during his sleep. As sex is part of the daily life of a couple, do not hesitate to have fun. It would give oxygen to your relationship.

  1.  » You know what ? I bought a very sexy little outfit just for you. You’ll love it. In the meantime, sweet dreams my baby. »

When you miss your man, it would be a good idea to tease him with the things that turn him on. All men are fans of fine lingerie and undress. He will do his best to come back quickly. Also, never miss the opportunity to distract him in your message, so that he senses that you are eager to see him again. He should never forget that you are waiting for him.

  1. « Are you sleeping already? I can’t wait until tomorrow to see you again. Good night Sweetheart. »

This type of message always works both ways. You should know that the content differs depending on whether it is a recent relationship or a story that dates back several years. When we are still in the stage of discovery where the two people are still beginning to know each other, the words of love are at their peak. We show that we cannot live without the other and that every second away from our lover is an eternity.

  • 6. « Please darling, think of me before you go to sleep, I’m sure we’ll meet in our dreams. » Have a great night my love. »

Distance is not a problem when you have a passionate love. It’s good to show your lover that he or she is still in your heart and that the miles won’t stop you from living out your romantic fantasies. This kind of message also expresses how much the other person is missing at the time of sending the message. The sentence may be simple but the impact is very important for the person to whom the message is sent.

  1. Good night baby, I can’t wait until tomorrow to see you again

We usually send this type of message at the beginning of a relationship or just to show the other that you miss him. The goal is to be present in the heart of your lover and show him how much you want to meet him again. It’s also the kind of message you’ll need if your partner has been away for a while and you’re going to see each other again.

  1. Honey, before you go to sleep look at what I left you under your pillow, I left you a note. Have a sweet night my love.

This is the kind of unpredictable message that women love. You will score a point after sending this message. It’s the way to show your romantic and irresistible side. The woman will be delighted to read your note. She will realize how much you care about her and that you want to surprise her. Be careful, the little word you have prepared must be shattering.

  1. My love, I can’t stop thinking about you, you obsess me so much. I realize that nothing in the world can fill your absence

The purpose of this message is to show your companion that he or she means a lot to you. He will know how much you care about him and that you will not replace him for anything in the world. He will be more confident and will realize that despite the distance between you, your love will resist.

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