9 phrases to (successfully) accost a woman on the street

You are single ? In search of theamour ? And you see very beautiful women in the street or the metro? And you would like their talk ? You dare not because you are shy ? Or simply because you don’t know no excuse or what phrases evoke, in order to launch the conversation ? In short, I have made for you a selection of best sentences pour dock women in the street. All with respect et eleganceso that the woman wants to discuss with you, and possibly you see again.

9 phrases to (successfully) accost a woman on the street

You want accost a woman in the street ? here are some excuses and phrases that you can use, in order to open the discussion.

  1. “Hi, I just saw you passing by, and I find you very sporty, what sport do you practice? »

Many men get rejected from the first sentence. As you are a stranger, know that the first impression counts a lot. Apart from your appearance, the woman judges you according to three criteria: sincerity, spontaneity and clarity of the message transmitted. Otherwise, she will be suspicious of your intention and will throw you for sure. This sentence is ideal for a first contact. You compliment her on her body while being subtle and respectful.

  1. “Hello, when I passed, I saw you, I couldn’t resist coming to talk to you. Here I am ! »

Know that women appreciate gallantry. Telling her that she is irresistible is the magic word that will allow you to win the jackpot for sure. This kind of sentence clearly shows your intention and clearly expresses what you expect from it. She won’t reject you right away. However, you will have to prepare well for the sequel to be able to hook it up, start a conversation and get a new date.

  1. “Hi, I’ve seen you here often, I hesitated a bit before approaching you, but I finally took my courage in both hands and I’m here. »

It is the style of a perfect gentleman. You have often seen her around and you are interested in her. However, you take a step back so as not to rush things too much. It’s the kind of formula that works every time because it’s polite, kind and very classy as an approach. The secret code in this message is obviously the word courage. It shows your determination and respect for her.

  1. “Excuse me, when I saw you leaving the shop, I was immediately taken by your charm. What’s your name ? I am… « 

We can never say it enough, spontaneity is a golden rule when it comes to flirting or approaching a woman. But above all, she also appreciates enterprising men who know what they want and take action. Women feel flattered when you tell her clearly, simply, and honestly how you feel about her. With this kind of sentence, you will immediately put him in confidence.

  1. “Hi, seeing you pass I was immediately dazzled by your beauty, can I invite you to eat an ice cream? »

Respect above all. You don’t have to be an expert flirt to be able to approach a pretty woman effectively. Every man has his own way of engaging in conversation and winning the affection of his dream woman. The most important thing is to know how to express to him what you feel with politeness and delicacy. They will not resist your charm. Of course, you have to be presentable and go straight to the point so that she knows what to expect.

  1. “Hi, can I talk to you for a moment? »

You don’t necessarily need long sentences to capture the woman’s attention. A few simple and clear words are enough to start the conversation. Asking her if you can talk to her for a moment means you esteem and respect her. This way, you will have the opportunity to show him how polite, respectful and interested in women you are. It’s the catchphrase of a true gentleman. If you want the woman to take you seriously, your approach should be well formalized.

  1. “Hi, I find you really lovely, I would have regretted it, if I didn’t come to tell you. »

Some men are afraid to approach a woman on the street. Indeed, it is not always easy to stop a woman running, many men have had a bad experience. However, this is not a dead end. Do not beat around the bush but go straight to the goal. The most important thing is to have confidence in yourself and to objectively express your interest in her. If men often fail, it is because they consider the approach as a game and they are not determined to win the game.

  1.  » Hey ! Hi ! Do you live in the area? I often see you pass by here. »

To succeed in your flirting plan in the street, the first piece of advice is to overcome your shyness. You will have to speak loud and clear with interjection to better capture the attention of your interlocutor. You can start with this kind of sentence to start the conversation and show her that you are interested in her.

  1. “Hi, I already prepared a sentence to approach you but there I completely forgot it. »

Nothing like capturing attention while playing with humor. Remember that women appreciate funny men who know how to entertain them. Try this approach, it will be in your pocket. Of course, don’t forget your big charming smile. She won’t resist.

For further : if you have others phrases or excuses pour approach a womanyou can do this within comments below. And don’t forget that you must always stay respectful et gentleman with women. And last advice, try to leave with the number of the woman’s cell phone, in order to be able to contact her again, and to be able to flirt via SMS, and see you again afterwards. Good luck !

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