9 Reasons A Man Doesn’t Call You Back

You did the acquaintance with a beautiful homme ? Where you have flirted with ? And you would like him to recontact ? Because you would like it see again ? Suddenly, you wonder why he does not don’t call back ? While he has your number. So I concentrated the main reasons for which a man does not recall a femme. It is probably one of reasons listed below.

The reasons why a man does not call you back

The main reasons for which a man it is don’t call you back :

  1. He misplaced your phone number

It’s a possibility. Indeed, men are often too careless even on very important details. He must have noticed your contact on a small piece of paper and put it in his pocket. The next day, the pants landed in the washing machine. He had to pass a crazy time to find your number but in vain.

It is also possible that we have Fly his cell phone or he simply misplaced it. Your contact is thus forgotten.

  1. He only wanted a “one shot”

In case you don’t already know, all men are womanizers. One conquest is never enough. They must convince themselves that their powers of seduction are impeccable and that they are irresistible. It’s a kind of challenge, even an epidemic that affects people on the planet.

After your date, he must have gone home. looking for another girl willing to meet all of her needs or hotter than you. The word is quite brutal, but it is a sad reality among our dear friends men!!

  1. He’s waiting for your call

Some men are shy and afraid to take the first step for fear of being rejected because of their lack of self-esteem or experience. You must have noticed it as soon as you made contact. It might be time speed things up by calling it yourself. He will be delighted. But sometimes men also want to make sure of the woman’s feeling before committing.

They like to marinate things to have more fun. They expect you to come to them. This idea excites them to a high point.

  1. You did not secure in bed

Did you sleep with him? And He hadn’t had a blast in bed? This is a valid reason even if everyone would not necessarily share this idea. Note that some men collect womenjust to satisfy their needs sexual. If you’ve been caught in the net, take heart, because you’re just one trophy among many.

If you didn’t impress him in bed, he won’t call you back. Put a cross on it, it’s a boor who does not deserve your attention.

  1. Your ex took up most of the conversation

If on your first date, you’ve talked too much about your ex, it won’t be a good sign. Note that men hate talking about the past.

They may think you can’t not yet to turn the page or rehash the past. It wouldn’t be completely lost, but you’ll have to convince him that your ex is history.

  1. You told him your whole story from A to Z

From now on, know that men love mysteries and discovery. It’s like a challenge where there are battles to be won.

Winning a woman’s heart after a long journey is like a real one feat for some men. In short, don’t talk too much and let him find out for himself what kind of woman you are.

  1. He is not conquered by your charm

Pleasing a man is not enough because many of you are in the same situation. You have to stand out from the others and show that you are exceptional.

Men like women who know surprise and impress. Be creative and available, find their weak points, get them out of their world and discover new things.

  1. The man you want is married

Many women are victims of this kind of situation. As we said before, theinfidelity is like an epidemic that affects everything in its path. In France, for example, almost 55% of men admit to being unfaithful. However, it is clear that the man would never sacrifice his little family for you. It is therefore normal that he gives no sign of life. It’s a Case closed.

However, not all men are the same. If he approached you, he likes you. Patience because he will call you sooner or later.

The numbers still speak: 63% of French people think that you can love someone while being unfaithful to them. That said, you still have your chance.

  1. He’s too busy to remember you

It’s a little weird that he forgot you right away when he had just declared his love for you, but it happens. The kind of man who has a lot to do can forget about you in the blink of an eye. But only if you haven’t touched its weak point. Work, friends, sports and all the others can wait if you have been able to strike a chord. Apparently, that’s not the case. Sorry.

For further : you can share your testimony in the comments below, and explain why don’t we call you backyou can put your possible questions.

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